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What do you do when the apps or plug-ins you installed slow down your computer? Say you delete them, and the computer is still slow. It happens a lot of times. Though we uninstall the software from the device, some of its files will remain in the memory. These files will continue to affect the device’s performance. 

Using uninstaller software is the best choice in these conditions. The software will identify and completely remove the traces of the deleted software, apps, and even plug-ins. IObit Uninstaller 10 is the latest version of one such well-known software in the market. 

Iobit Uninstaller

Developed by IObit, a company known for providing software solutions to optimize computers, Uninstaller has many worthy features and functions. It doubles up as a browser protector, allowing you to browse safely on the internet and block notifications. 

Isn’t that wonderful? 

Features of IObit Uninstaller 10

  • It comes in two themes- dark and light. If you prefer working on the night mode, switch to dark.
  • The software supports 38 languages.
  • The latest version is 50% more fast and effective in removing the leftover files of deleted apps. 
  • The Install Monitor feature keeps track of new software installations and can revert the settings to the original if required. 
  • MPC-HC, SpyHunter5, Avast Antivirus, Rockstar Games, IntelliJ IDEA, and 40+ such apps are really stubborn. These can now be removed using IObit Uninstaller 10. 
  • The latest version also supports multi-lingual versions of browsers such as Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird. It also works with WinRAR. 
  • It can also support removing Microsoft Plug-ins like Edge.
  • The new update allows the software to scan and detect 30% more leftover files. The ones previously hidden can now be identified and deleted. 
  • Bundleware and software that’s not frequently used are detected accurately using an algorithm, designed for the purpose. 
  • If there are any issues with the leftover files, the software will fix them to prevent them from messing up the computer. 

Let’s take a closer look at each functions of IObit Uninstaller 10

  1. Software Uninstall
Software Uninstaller

Does uninstalling unnecessary software freeup space? Yes with Iobit Unistaller you can free up space on your hard drive using software uninstall

2. Uninstalling


Uninstalling the app from Windows

3. Plugin Uninstall

Plugin Uninstall

Remove toolbars and plugins from your browser such as chrome, firefox.

4. Install Monitor

Install Monitor

Whenever you install any new feature on your system IObit install monitor will continuously monitor what’s installing and if any wanted program is detected during installation the software quickly finds and remove the same.

5. Software Updater

Software Updater

What happens if you don’t update software? The exact answer is “Miss new features” . With Software updater feature of IObit now you can update your all your software simultaneously or one by one.

6. Windows Apps

Windows Apps

Remove the outdated apps, Bloatware and junks using Windows Apps feature

7. Software Health

Software Health

That’s one of the advanced tool of Iobit Uninstaller which will check the health of your PC and reduce the risk by checking outdated apps.

  • Iobit engine check for any Uninstallation leftovers from your previously uninstalled software and gives you the option to delete the same.
  • Stop those annoying notification website prompts
  • Get rid of malicious programs
  • Update the old programs which is only for paid users

8. Force Uninstall

Force Uninstall

Although there are too many manual methods to remove the programs which by default enter your system and you can’t remove it. Try Force Uninstall feature and remove everything that you don’t want on your PC


Why Use IObit Uninstaller 10

There are several reasons to use this software

👉  It is easy-to-use software that also provides browser security. 

👉  The Install Monitor runs in real-time. It doesn’t miss tracking a single update. 

👉  The Software Health feature ensures system safety. 

👉  It is all-in-one remover software for Windows. 

IObit Pricing 

The company offers the software for free download as well as sells a Pro version for purchase. 

The free version has limited features to offer, whereas the paid version offers the following: 

  • Getting rid of residue left by other uninstaller apps
  • Completely uninstalling bundled software and stubborn apps
  • Identifying and deleting malicious plug-ins from the computer (this includes the advertising plug-ins as well)
  • Keeping track of all installation made on the computer and giving a chance to revert the system changes 
  • Ability to update outdated software with just one click 
  • Premium technical support in case customers need help with using the software 

The Pro version is divided into two packages:

  • For one PC- $14.77/ year (after a 25% discount)
  • For thee PCs- $16.77/ year (after a 70% discount)

You get a 60-day money-back guarantee on both the Pro versions of IObit Uninstaller software. 

System and Software Specifications

1. The software works with the following Windows operating systems- XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. 

2. The uninstaller software is licensed as freeware as the company offers free downloads of the basic version from the website. 

3. The software is just 22.8 MB in size and delivers exceptional results. 

4. is the latest version of the software and was released on 25th August 2020.  

IObit Uninstaller | App download Link | Free

IObit Uninstaller | App Homepage 

Final Conclusion 

Though there are many cleaning software solutions in the market, not all of them deliver the same results. IObit Uninstaller has gained fame for removing even the most stubborn software apps from the computer. It has been designed to be thorough at what it does and provide users with a safe browsing experience. 

Since the company constantly works on improving the software, we can be assured of the best results every time we use the software. Don’t let the residue of deleted apps slow down your computer. Get IObit Uninstaller today. 

If we missed any feature about IObit Unistaller, please let us know in the comments.