Infolinks Review 2017 - Work from home and Earn Money Online

Infolinks Review 2017 – Work from home and Earn Money Online

Infolinks is one of the nonpareil ways to monetize you blog and unorthodox to adsense with timely payout. Today we are going to share our experience how you can work from home and earn money online using infolinks.

What is Infolinks?

Infolinks is also an adserving platform identical to adsense headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, and R&D centre in Tel Aviv, Israel. Infolinks works on CPC(Cost Per Click)  and CPM(Cost Per Impressions) model providing publishers in-text, in-fold, in-tag,in-frame,in-screen ads to monetize the blog and earn money online.

After interviewing many bloggers who are doing blogging for more then 10 years now and making “bread and butter” online  they said Infolinks is one of the best in-text advertising networks and an facile way to earn money online those who wants to work from home.

As Adsense has a very strict policy  and those who violates the rules and regulations of google they will get a message from google that your “account is banned or suspended” in that case what should you do .. confused ? Don’t worry you can apply for Infolinks which has a facile approval process that lets you earn money online.

Why you should apply for Infolinks?

  • Easy Approval process
  • Once account is approved you can start earning based on CPC & CPM
  • Timely Payout
  • The best part is you don’t need to reserve your ad space
  • Serve six different types of ads
  • 6 different type of color options
  • 24*7 support – send email to for any help

How to apply for Infolinks Publisher Account ?

Step 1- Go to Signup Page

Step 2 – Click on Sign up with Email

Sign Up Infolinks

Step 3:- Enter Your Name, Email and Password and click on Join now

Step 4:- If you are running a PHP or .NET website then you can paste the script at the end before closing of your tag or if you are a CMS user then you can download the plugin and follow the instructions:-

Earn Money Online

Step 5:- Once you follow the above procedure you are done with your part now infolinks team will check your account whether you are a legitimate website & on the basis of traffic they will approve your account which  you will get notified via email in 3 business days.

“APPROVED” By Infolinks  – I’m sure you get delighted after checking this message

  1. Time to login
  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your password

Earn Money Online

NOTE:- There are 2 ways to integrate infolinks ads on your web property

  • JavaScript – Copy paste the infolinks script into your website editor
  • Install the infolinks plugin and rest they will take care

I’ll recommend you to use script as lot of plugins can slow protracted your website.

2. Go to Customize Panel and select the type of ad you want to show on your website

Let’s learn the type of Ads that will appear once you are approved and you can choose the type of ad according to  your choice from the panel.

  • In-Text  – Your main and important keyword are highlighted in double lines or dotted lines. Once a user hover on those words ads will start displaying

Earn Money Online

  • In-Fold  – They will appear on footer of your website and showing the relevant ads according to your search traffic

Earn Money Online

  • In-Tag  – Chooses a set of keywords that are relevant to your website and start showing accordingly

  • In-Frame :- These are stick yads and will appear on left and right sidebar.


  • In- Screen :– Similar to popup every time your website is loaded

How to earn more money from Infolinks?

To earn money online Oh Shit!!! earn more money from Infolinks you must have a descent traffic from USA and Europe , as more the CPC and CPM higher is your earnings.

Infolinks pay via paypal, payoneer, wire transfer

Is Infolinks reconcilable with Adsense?

Yes Infolinks is fully reconcilable with adsense and does not affect your adsense ads neither earnings in any way but make sure you does not allow any pop over ads with adsense as according to recent policy of adsense they suspend or banned those accounts which show pop up ads.

I hope you completely grasp now what is Infolinks and how does it work.

Earn Money by Referring Links

Yes Infolinks pay for every referral you send to them and one can earn good payout from infolinks by referring publishers which can increase your overall earnings and you can do this easily by just  working few hours from home.

Final Verdict

Infolink is one of the facile ways to earn money online, all you have to do is purchase a domain from hosting website like godaddy , build a eye-catching blog on wordpress or any CMS , start writing content, bring traffic and earn money..

I hope you could understood the simple strategy to work from home and earn money online.

Please do comments or email if you have any questions.

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