India’s Internet Service Is Likely To Accomplish $124 Billion By 2022 Leading To 1.2Crore Net Job Opportunities

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India's Internet Services

In recent days, there has been a mounting growth in the field of Digital Market, and the inventiveness taken by Digital India seems to show its positive results as well. It has not only enhanced the opportunities but has demonstrated great outcomes in employment as well. The report published by IAMAI in the Economic Impact of Internet Services in India has revealed that the current valuation of the internet sector is 33.8USD Billion. Plus if the things go like this, the assessment will go upward shift and is likely to reach 76.4USD Billion by the year 2022.

What are the reasons for such augmentation in the growth of internet services of India?

Let us discuss some of the facts

    • There has been an immense growth in the internet users in the country, and people of all ages are involved in it leading the number of active users to reach 480 million now. The same will reach 762 million in the coming 2022.
    • The internet sector of our country is developing day by day despite the challenges. The entire business sectors have now entered the field; growing online model is the example of the same.
    • Adaptability of Smartphone is another reason for the same that is expected to reach 526 million in the year 2022. That is going to 1.75 times more.

Can there be potential growth in India’s internet sector to reach 124USD Billion with 1.24Crore net jobs?

  • The government is taking many initiatives and are coming up various programmes and policies to prop up with the internet services by increasing the job opportunities.
  • The areas of internet connectivity and communication infrastructure are being worked on to make it more seamless and affordable.
  • Artificial Intelligence along with the internet of things are the newly developed and sophisticated technologies that will result in increasing the related services.

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Final Conclusion

The total number of employment generated through internet services is of one million. We can also see there are new governmental policies like Digital India that is diligently working on this pace to bring more employment opportunities in the country. Coming to the sectors of e-commerce, online food, health, etc are the breakthrough of this field. Furthermore, the openings in internet services are fast and include freelancing, product design, development, content creators, allied industries and so on.

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