How to Improve Your Writing Skills with the Grammar Checker Apps for Android? 

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If you’re reading this article, your day-to-day work or activity probably involves content creation. Perhaps you’re a writer who composes articles on various topics, or maybe you’re a blogger with your website on WordPress. But, by and large, it doesn’t matter because the quality of the material you share with your audience only matters. 

And no matter how interesting you write, spelling and grammatical errors can alienate readers. To prevent this from happening, catch the best grammar checker apps to help you improve your writing skills. All you need is an Android phone and the desire to develop your professionalism.

Why Literacy is So Important

No matter what you’re writing, a college essay, a resume, or a company letter, the importance of literacy can’t be overstated. It is the foundation of people’s very ability to express themselves. However, if you underestimate the importance of literacy, consider the following:

📝 Literacy helps you express your thoughts clearly.

📝 Literacy says a lot about a person’s intelligence, responsibility, and authority level.

📝 Literacy inspires respect and trust.

📝 Grammar mistakes detract from the text.

📝 Literacy shows accuracy and attention to detail.

Of course, few people have English degrees and make no mistakes. Even after a lengthy check and proofreading, the text typos remain since people usually don’t notice them. It is where spelling and grammar checkers help. They not only find mistakes but also help correct them. Also, a great solution would be to use writing service review websites, such as Rated by Students, where you can find an appropriate essay writing service.

Best Writing Assistants and Their Importance

Of course, the main benefit of the grammar checker app is proofreading and a 100% error-free guarantee. So teachers, colleagues, or clients will no longer think you are illiterate and incompetent. But there are other, less obvious benefits from such programs:

📌 Time saving: you don’t have to proofread the text yourself.

📌 Money saving: you don’t need to hire a proofreader.

📌 Increased readability: the text becomes more persuasive and attractive to the target audience.

📌 Readers aren’t distracted by mistakes, so that they can concentrate on the information.

📌 The program shows errors and options for correcting them, allowing you to learn and improve your writing skills.

📌 Your writing is always at a high level-your confidence grows.

📌 You’re more respected by colleagues, teachers, employees, and clients.

📌 You no longer worry about mistakes and get more satisfaction from the writing process.

📌 Some tools include a plagiarism checker, so you’ll know that your text is 100% unique.

📌 Your communications on social media, mail, and even dating sites will be more effective.

As you can see, the list of benefits is quite impressive. Can there be anything better and more efficient than grammar checker apps? Yes, for example, you can read reviews on the Top Writing Reviews website and find the best writing services that provide a full range of work on preparing academic papers, essays, articles, and other types of content. But remember, the choice is always yours.

# 1 Grammarly

In the TopTenReviews ranking, Grammarly ranks first with a score of 9.68. Grammarly mobile keyboard is positioned as a personal editor that integrates with all mobile applications and browsers. Using Grammarly Keyboard on your Android smartphone, you can write literate emails, posts on social networks, or messages in messengers. 

As the developers note, all texts typed on a Grammarly Keyboard will always look professional and competently composed. It is because every time a user uses the keyboard, Grammarly checks to see if the text is clear, efficient, and grammatically correct. In addition, the app suggests better word choices and advice for Grammarly Premium users on improving their style. 

Suggestions for improvement are displayed at the top of the keyboard, and the user can accept the change simply by clicking on it. If desired, it is possible to find out why Grammarly offers this correction. To do this, click on the suggested fix and read the explanation. The user can also choose which rules to use to check (American or British English) and add words to a personal dictionary so that Grammarly won’t mark them as spelling errors. 

As the developers point out, for the most efficient work Grammarly Keyboard needs access to what the user writes. But don’t worry in this case since encryption and other measures are used to ensure the confidentiality of information. In addition, the keyboard doesn’t have access to texts marked as confidential, such as credit card information and passwords.

# 2 Ginger

Can one app for an Android phone combine a powerful translator, a mobile keyboard, an advanced grammar, spelling, punctuation error corrector, voice narration, an explanatory dictionary, and a synonym search engine? Yes, and that’s Ginger. Ginger for Android is, first and foremost, a keyboard with multiple supported languages, with a separate contextual English text corrector bolted on. 

Switching between the two components is implemented quite smoothly, although it takes some time. So have you fixed the grammar? Ok, then you can stop there and publish the text. Otherwise,  you can try to improve the construction of sentences. The Rephrasing sentences tool is responsible for it. Consider that sometimes Ginger offers quite a profound revision. Whether you agree to make them is up to you. 

The built-in translator supports 40 languages and requires an Internet connection. And if you know that you won’t be able to connect to the web for some reason, but you need to edit a text urgently, then it’s worth taking care of everything in advance. However, if deadlines are burning up, the best option in such a situation is to take advantage of the Trust My Paper writing service review website, where you can find an essay writer to do all the work for you.

As for the Ginger dictionary, it looks pretty attractive as well. With its help, you can learn any English word’s meaning and find its synonym. Thus it will be easier to diversify your vocabulary and improve written language by eliminating repetition. Also, Ginger has a large set of free themes and an extended emoji set.

# 3 Linguix

Looking for an affordable alternative to Grammarly? Linguix is a budget-friendly grammar checker that does a great job checking spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, and readability. Linguix delivers 100% on its promise — producing clear, confident, and natural text. As with many similar programs, AI is used for this purpose. Moreover, corrections are inserted, errors are underlined as you type, and various options are offered that you can accept, reject, or add to the dictionary. 

In principle, the results of Linguix are not much different from other grammar editing programs. The premium version has a private mode, where you can edit text incognito. In addition, it’s a no-log mode where no traces of your activity are left behind, which is very useful when working on sensitive content. Overall, the experience is similar to Grammarly, and even the interface is identical — clean and minimalistic. 

# 4 Scribens

Interested in privacy-focused keyboard apps? Well, Scribens is an excellent choice. As for the grammar checker, there’s nothing wrong with it either, and don’t let the low rating and an unimpressive number of downloads embarrass you. This tool has been tested many times in practice. What, then, explains the low performance? 

It is because of the difficulty of installing the application, which you can easily overcome if you strictly follow the suggested instructions. And voila, everything is done perfectly. Moreover, Scribens has unique algorithms for correcting mistakes and statistical data (number of words, paragraphs, and sentences). 

Developers claim that their app is 10 times more efficient than Microsoft Editor. In addition, Scribens gently and unobtrusively teaches you important writing concepts in practice. And, of course, the application is SSL-encrypted and uses secure servers to provide a high level of security for user data. 

Note that Scribens has over 250 types of writing mistakes in its arsenal. The free version of the app can boast all grammar checker features, but you must endure the ads. If you feel your nerves can’t take it, consider the premium version without ads, the ability to back up your information, and support for 50-page and 200,000-word error checking.

# 5 Proofreader

Nowadays, privacy is essential, and modern applications take note of that. Like all the previous grammar assistants described in this article, Proofreader focuses on privacy. As a result, the grammar and spell checker application performs a good 3.9 rating and over 100,000 downloads on Google Play. 

Unfortunately, in the 21st century, no one is immune to malicious hackers tracking keystrokes so that attackers can steal passwords of users’ confidential banking or social accounts. However, proofreader developers ensure that the app protects against such attacks because it doesn’t store data and doesn’t require system permissions.

It is also worth noting that Proofreader is not a keyboard application. In short, the program is a text editor with grammar-checking capabilities that are sure to surprise you pleasantly. In the free version, you can find all the features you need for your work, including grammar, spelling, and punctuation checking. 

As a bonus, there’s also a translator, a dictionary, and the ability to choose a suitable dialect. The Proofreader also offers users who want to improve their grammar skills and correct their pronunciation a text reading function. The professional version of the app additionally provides advanced grammar checking, style suggestions, vocabulary, and synonyms.

Bottom Line

Traditionally, at the end of such articles, many write that no additional software can replace a person. It’s true because, on the one hand, a robot won’t write excellent text for your corporate blog. But from the other — using the right tools allow you to reduce the cost of time and resources, and the result in the output will be comparable in quality to what you pay for much more money to a professional writer. Thus, it is better to involve them as a last resort for proofreading texts you have written yourself with the help of grammar checker apps for Android.