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The demand for web scraping has increased, and so has the number of companies that offer scraping services. A simple Google search will show 44,80,000 results in 0.54 seconds. You can imagine the demand for web scraping in the market. 

No matter you own a small business or a multinational organization, you need to extract data from the web, process it, and get reliable insights to attract your target audiences. How do you choose a company for web scraping services? Ask fellow businessmen? Do your research? Read reviews? 

What if you’ve finalized a company that is not the absolute best in the market? is one of the leading web scraping service providers, as many of us know. But what if there is another alternative service provider who offers similar or even better services? Wouldn’t you like to try that company instead? 


Web Scraping Tool

ProWebScraper offers seamless web scraping services in three easy steps. The company caters to flexible scraping requirements, ranging from startups to global organizations. Be it the APIs or extracting data from dynamic websites; be it custom selections to image downloads; be it scheduling or getting alerts, ProWebScraper offers numerous innovative services for web scraping. 

Why is ProWebScraper a Great Alternative to

  • ProWebScraper is super easy to use. It is also very fast and allows you to download data in much lesser time compared to
  • It is easy-to-use and easy-to-scale to suit your varying data extraction requirements. You just need to click the cursor on the data you want to scrape, and that’s it. 
  • Of course, you will first need to enter the URL of the website into the setup. It’s the same for as well. It’s the standard first step. 
  • What if the websites are complicated? ProWebScraper has a solution. You can write your own extraction paths so that the hidden data can also be extracted easily. 
  • What if they are multiple pages? That’s easy too. Click on ‘next page’. The setup will automatically extract data from the paginated lists. 
  • What about page lists and chains with even more data? ProWebScraper has got that covered. The chaining feature lets you scrape data from all such pages at the same time. 
  • The biggest benefit of using ProWebScraper is the URL Generator. It is the fastest way to generate multiple URLs based on patterns in page numbers and category names.  
  • The easiest way to access clean data is by integrating your business systems with the REST API offered by ProWebScraper. The support team is there to help you with the process. 
  • Many users have happily said that there is hardly anything to not like about ProWebScraper. The company appears to have satisfied most of its clients by offering high-quality services. 

Extract Data from Popular Website using ProWebScraper

  • Amazon Review Scraper
  • Indeed Scraper
  • YellowPages Scraper
  • Craiglist Scraper
  • Yelp Scraper
  • TripAdvisor Scraper
  • Walmart Scraper
  • Aliexpress Scraper

Pricing Comparison (ProWebScraper Vs

You don’t need to pay monthly payments or upfront fees. The company offers a free trial plan with free 100 pages (No Credit Required). You can then choose between a Monthly Plan and Persistence Plan.

  • Monthly Plan You can choose the number of pages you want to scrape you will utilize per month and pay only for that. The plan starts at 5000 pages for $40 and goes on up to 500,000 pages for $1000 per month. 
  • Persistence Plan You can choose to buy a pre-decided number of page scrapes in this plan. You don’t have to pay again until you use up all the pages. There is no time or expiry date. The plan starts with free 100 pages. You pay $150 for 20,000 pages and so on up to $5000 for 500,000 pages. 

Both plans offer data storage for 15 days and include complete access to all features. You can choose add-ons such as image credit to download images and documents along with the rest of the web data., on the other hand, doesn’t mention any pricing plans. You will have to contact the support team and explain your requirements to create a plan for you. The company doesn’t offer a free trial. 

ProWebScraper offers ready options to choose from with the advantage of canceling your plan anytime you want. The company also provides customized price plans for large enterprises. 

Type of Webdata Can be Scraped

With Prowebscraper you can scrape Texts, Table data, Links, Images, Numbers, Key (Value pairs) while can help you to only scrape (Links, Texts, Images, Numbers)

Third Party Integration

ProWebScraper:- Does not provide integration with any 3rd party tools

Import.Io:- Integration available with Tableau, Google Sheet

Customer Support

ProWebScraper:- 24*7 email support during business hours

Import.Io:- You need to raise ticket if you need any help

Final Conclusion

Web scraping has become an inherent part of business operations. With customers demanding personalized services, small, medium, and large scale enterprises are relying on scraping service providers to extract the required information from the internet. 

Though is good and offers interesting solutions for businesses, ProWebScraper takes the first place by offering a multitude of features and services. And not to mention flexible pricing plans. When ProWebScraper promises and delivers quality, quantity, and service, it would be a great option to choose, isn’t it?