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Data corruption and loss are one of the most common issues. Almost 67% of data loss is caused due to a hard drive crash or a system failure. Around 15% is due to human error, where we end up deleting the file forever. 

Retrieving this data can be a huge task, and sometimes the results aren’t 100%. Though there are several free software applications available, how do you know which one is the best? How can you be sure that the software doesn’t come with hidden malware? 

M3 Software company has developed a professional data recovery program to perform data recovery from SSD drives, BitLocker encrypted drives, RAW drives, and more. The software works with Windows and delivers great results in a quick time.

The software is 100% safe to use. It uses read-only disc scanning to protect the data. There is no cause to worry about viruses or malware attacking your system. 

iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows

The software has built-in scanning algorithms and features to reconstruct file systems, which makes it an easy job of recovering data. Be it images, videos, or documents, any file that’s been deleted or lost can be restored by the software.

RAW drive recovery and repair is one of the core functions of iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows. Repairing RAW drive can be a complex job, especially if you haven’t tried it before. However, using the data recovery software is simple, effective, and guarantees results. 

Know More about RAW Drive Repair and Recovery

RAW is a corrupted state of the storage device where the files don’t have any recognized format. The file system cannot be recognized by Windows, which means you cannot access or use the data in that drive. 

There are several reasons for a drive to go corrupted and end up as a RAW drive. The data resembles the binary arrangement and loses its previous formatting. One way to use the drive again is to format it. But that erases all the data in it. That’s risky, isn’t it? 

The data on the drive is important, and we need to recover it somehow if the drive becomes RAW for some reason. As a professional RAW drive recovery tool, iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows can help you at this stage. It scans the drive thoroughly and provides you access to data that was previously not accessible after the data is successfully retrieved from the RAW drive.

In addition, iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows has the ability to go on a thorough scan of the RAW partition to help you retrieve data when any file system has been corrupted or damaged beyond repair.

Features of iBoysoft Data Recovery Software

  • The software can recover files that have been deleted from the Recycle Bin or deleted permanently using Shift+Delete keys on the keyboard. 

  • It can recover data from corrupted hard drives due to a power outage, virus, or wrongly ejecting/ disconnecting the drive from the computer/ laptop. 

  • Even if a drive has been formatted, the data is still present on it. The software can recover this inaccessible data and allow you to save it in another location. 

  • iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows permits you to conduct RAW drive recovery and repair, which enables you to retrieve your important files from the RAW drive and gain the access to them again.

  • If you have a partitioned drive whose partition gets lost, you can use this software to scan the lost partition and recover files from it. 

  • Has virus or malware ruined the drive? Are you even afraid to suffer from data loss caused by virus infection? Download the iBoysoft Data Recovery Software and connect the drive so that you can retrieve your data from the infected drive. 

Do remember that the software can repair RAW drive but doesn’t format it. If you don’t need RAW data, you can simply reformat the drive to FAT32, NTFS, or exFAT file system and use it again. 

Also, if the RAW drive has been encrypted by BitLocker, iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows can be used as BitLocker Data Recovery Software to retrieve encrypted data

How to Use iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows to Bring Back Your Lost Files?

Follow the below 3 simple steps:-

#Step 1:- Download and install the software on your system, select a recovery module – Data Recovery, Raw Drive Recovery, Bit Locker Recovery

#Step 2:- Select the drive or partition that you want to scan 

#Step 3:- Check the preview of the scanning result, tick the target files you want to bring back and click on the Recover button to get your files recovered.

Software Specifications

 OS  VersionsWindows 11/10/8/7/Vista/XP, Windows Server 2019/2016/2012/2008/2003
File systemsNTFS, FAT32, exFAT
Devices Hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, flash drive, SD card, CF card, memory card, SanDisk card, memory stick, etc. With the exception of RAID
 Hard Disk Space32 MB min
CPU at least with x86
RAMat least 128MB


  Recover any type of file

  Scan engine is really fast 

✓  Preview the scan results

Save a scan session

Quick and deep scan option available


  Only upto 1 GB Recovery for Free

Customer Support



✓  Online help


iBoysoft Pricing Plans

Choose the data recovery plan as per your requirement

Trial Edition

  • Scan lost data
  • Preview document, photos, videos, audio
  • Supports Windows 11/10/8/7/XP
  • Support Windows Server 2019/2016/2012/2008/2003

Basic Edition ($69.95 exc VAT) 

  • Recover unlimited data
  • Supports Windows 11/10/8/7/XP 
  • Implement RAW drive recovery without any data loss

Professional Edition ($169 exc VAT)

  • Recover unlimited data
  • Supports Windows 11/10/8/7/XP 
  • Implement RAW drive recovery without any data loss
  • Recover data from Bitlocker Encrypted drive
  • Support Windows Server 2019/2016/2012/2008/2003

You can start with the free version of the software and buy the licensed version based on your requirements. 

Final Conclusion 

Don’t worry about the data loss?

iBoysoft Data Recovery tool has the highest recovery rate in the market compared to all other data recovery products.

Virus-free and 100% safe tool to install on your Windows OS.

The most reliable tool used by well-known data recovery service providers such as Ontrack, drivesavers and TechPcVipers.

We highly recommend you to try this tool and let us know your experience.