Hyax Review:- Create and Sell Digital Products, Courses

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In today’s digital era, having an online store is essential if you want to attract more customers and increase sales. With many people preferring online purchases, even for courses and training programs, wouldn’t it be an advantage to offer eCommerce services? 

But setting up a website and using various software solutions to manage the business can complicate things. What if you don’t have the time or investment for it? What if you want to manage all aspects of your business on your own? Is there a way to develop and expand the online business using a single platform? 

Yes! There is one platform that lets you create web pages, attract subscribers, sell products and services, run promotional offers, and do much more without jumping between multiple applications. 

The platform is called Hyax


Do you know that eCommerce sales are expected to touch $740 billion by 2024 only in the US? Now imagine how much the global online purchase market would be. Don’t lose the opportunity to reach more audiences and expand your business online and offline using Hyax. 

Who Can Use Hyax?

Creators, Entrpreneurs, Bloggers, Markerters can use Hyax to sell

  • Physical products
  • Memberships to premium online clubs or digital magazines
  • Digital products like courses, ebooks, downloads
  • Online courses for education, fitness, cooking, and more
  • Create an ecommerce store

No matter you own a startup or a medium-sized enterprise, Hyax can help you gain more audiences, increase the lead conversion rate, and generate more sales. If you want to start small and monetize your hobby without making a huge investment, Hyax is the right way to execute your plan. 

What Can You Do Using Hyax?


Hyax is an all-in-one platform with several features that help in running a business online. The following are some of the things you can do using this platform. 

✓ Creating Landing Pages

Creating Landing Pages

We know how vital landing pages are to attain more members/ customers. There’s no need to spend a lot of time and money to design a landing page for your marketing campaign. Hyax lets you do it in a handful of minutes. The designs are attractive, user-friendly and mobile-friendly.

✓ Test Marketing Funnels

Do you create multi-step funnels for your marketing campaigns? Use Hyax to collect leads, bump orders, and complete sales. The platform doesn’t require any coding or technical expertise. You can create landing pages and test funnels on your own. You don’t need to buy hosting services either. 

✓ Creating Digital Storefront 

Do you sell multiple products? For example, if you are a jeweler, you’ll have several pieces to display at once. Use Hyax to create a digital storefront by customizing the appearance to attract more users. There are quite a lot of templates to help you get started. And guess what? It hardly takes any time to finish designing and start selling. 

✓ Building a Membership Site 

Do you think membership sites are hard to design? Not anymore. Hyax makes it an easy job of including member sign-ins, creating price plans for membership and renewals, and more. You can sell subscriptions for your content faster and easier. 

✓ Creating Online Courses

Create new online courses and sell them to your audience. You can use the existing templates or start from scratch to build the interface. Upload videos and host them on the same site. There is no need for any third-party hosting sites. You can also sell mini-courses or bundles inside free courses. 

✓ Setting up Promotional Offers 

Create NEw coupon

Offering discounts and coupon codes is also easy and simple using Hyax. Increase sales by setting up attractive promotional offers.

✓ A/B Testing of Product Pages 

Want to know which product pages are getting high traffic and which ones need to be edited? Hyax provides A/B testing to analyze product pages and crack the success formula. 

The company has shared case studies of different businesses that grew using Hyax. The blog section of the website is informative and useful for those who want to try their luck in this competitive market. 

Hyax Pricing

You can explore the Hyax platform 100% free in the trial version but you need to opt for any of the paid plans out of 3 when you start getting orders.

Hyax has 3 plans for Beginner, Advanced and Enterprise

1.) Beginner ($49/month)

  • Membership/Blog
  • Paid/Gated Content
  • Multi-step funnels
  • eCommerce Storefront
  • Courses
  • Quizzes
  • SSL Certificate
  • Hosting/CDN
  • Branding (Minimal)
  • Transaction Fees (0%)
  • Page Views ($100K per month)
  • Projects – 3
  • Contacts – 10K
  • Products/Courses – 10

2.) Advanced ($99/month)

All features of Beginner but in advanced you will get

  • No branding
  • Unlimited page views
  • 6 projects to handle
  • 25k Contacts
  • 40 Products/Courses

3..) Enterprise ($99/month) – Contact Hyax Team for custom quote

All features of Advanced are includes +

  • 9 projects to handle
  • Contact list can be variable
  • Unlimited produts or coursed

All the above plans has 15 -days Refund policy hence you can cancel anytime within 15 days and get the full refund.

Pros and Cons of using Hyax


  • Super Easy to set up
  • Free trial available to test all the plans
  • 0% Transaction fees
  • User friendly interface
  • Drag and Drop support
  • Too many product in one single platform
  • If you are into Ecommere busines, Hyax is the right platform for you
  • Video conferencing
  • Cloud and Saas support


  • Beginner can be expensive for entrepreneurs
  • No option to add 3rd party theme, you can use only using inbuilt themes and templates
  • Can’t add external apps or plugins

Final Conclusion 

Don’t let your creative hobbies stay hidden from public view. Put your passion to work and make money from it. Don’t let technical limitations and the cost of investment scare you away from selling your work online. 

Hyax lets you showcase your skills and connect with prospective leads through the user-friendly platform. Take it to the next level and increase your income.

Check out Hyax for more information.