Use Social Media Bio to Generate Income with Hy.Page

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Social media is a powerful place to generate sales, get memberships and reach out to new leads. The ways you can utilize social media to advertise your business are plentiful. While platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow links in posts, Instagram doesn’t do that. The only place you can post a link in the bio. Of course, you can add a link in the stories, but that option has not available for everyone. 

That said, sharing a link is just one part of the process. Making the link easy and convenient for users to open and perform the task (sign-up, make payment, register, etc.) is more important. The landing page should also be user-friendly to increase the success rate. A complex landing page will annoy users and result in lesser participation. 

So how do you customize the ink and create a landing page for your marketing campaigns without spending burning a hole in your pocket?

Hy.Page is the answer to the question. Use your following on all social media platforms and bring them together to a single platform. 

What is Hy.Page?


In simple terms, Hy.Page allows you to sell digital content to your customers and make it easy to connect them to your online resources. All you need is one customized link. 


Get memberships and accept payments through the same link. What if you already use another payment gateway? Not a problem. You can replace it with the built-in payment processor of Hy.Page. This is definitely faster, easier, and effective. 

What about other links? Yes. You can add them to the interface and customize the landing page with all the URLs, products, accounts, and more. Why maintain a dozen pages and links when you can have everything on a single page? 

Hy.Page has been developed by Jack and Kevin. The platform is listed on App Sumo to make it easily available to users around the world. 

Why Use Hy.Page? 

The developer of Hy.Page calls the platform a baby of LinkTree and Patreon. Hy.Page has the features of both and provides a one-stop platform to: 

→ Streamline followers on different sites and bring them to one platform. 

→ Access a dashboard where you can monitor all aspects of your page and manage subscriptions, requests, memberships, orders, payments, and donations. 

→ One-click checkout for customers so that they don’t have to run around a maze trying to figure things out. The easier it is to subscribe or make a payment, the higher your chances of increasing your reach

→ Allow payments on the same platform through widgets. Use PayPal or Stripe for payments, donations, and fan requests. Keep it simple and efficient. Earn more through the user-friendly interface. 

→ Customize every offering on the page. Create different fill-ins and checkboxes to get inputs and feedback from customers. 

→ Create new products, consultations, subscriptions for premium content, checklists, and more on the same page. 

No need to learn code or worry about technical knowledge. Simply choose the elements you want on the page and design them to suit your taste. Save time and money. 

Features of Hy.Page 

Let’s look at the features of Hy.Page in brief.

  • Customize the color scheme of the landing page and remove branding to make it your own. 
  • There is no transaction fee required for processing the payments. Cool, isn’t it? 
  • Sell digital products or accept donations (like Patreon) from the same page. 
  • Customize the link to share in bio. Keep it short and easy to use. 
  • Add the link to an email signature, ads, in page stores, on the business card as a QR code, etc., 
  • Bring all customers and followers to the same platform. Let them know what products/ services you offer. 

Final Conclusion 

Hy.Page is a cost-effective option for hobbyists and new business owners to monetize their offerings and increase the customer base. If you have a couple of side hustles (or more) and find it hard to manage different accounts and payments on individual platforms, bring them together on Hy.Page and remove other third-party apps/ gateways from the setup. 

Use your social media profiles to generate income and turn your side hustle into a full-time job. Check out Hy.Page to know more.