How to Upgrade Your AliExpress Dropshipping

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Oberlo is an e-commerce service primarily used in the Americas and Europe. In April 2021, nearly 70% of the 126,000 Oberlo stores analyzed worldwide were located on the American continent. Meanwhile, there are 2,500 online stores in Europe. The rest of the world has a much smaller market share. There are only 264 Oberlo stores in Africa.

Oberlo has a significant presence in the e-commerce industry. With the shutting down of Oberlo, the business of AliExpress dropshipping has also been affected to a certain extent. So, the big question entrepreneurs are faced with now is how to find some way to continue or upgrade the AliExpress dropshipping business after Oberlo sunset.

In the post, we will explore ways to upgrade AliExpress dropshipping. The post also includes how to migrate from Oberlo to DSers which we will cover next as the Oberlo app officially suggested. Get started now.

How to Upgrade AliExpress Dropshipping

Now, we will share the 3 best ways that we recommend doing after Oberlo including finding an alternative to Oberlo, setting up a customized store, and filtering out the reliable suppliers for items you are going to sell.  Let us check them out one by one with details.

Find an Alternative to Oberlo

The first method we recommend for your dropshipping business is to find an Oberlo alternative after Oberlo’s sunset. A great dropshipping app lets you automate every funnel of your online sales. It also frees you from operational worries, allowing you to focus on marketing and sales strategy.

Oberlo is a dropshipping app for Shopify. It allows you to source products from AliExpress suppliers and imports them into your Shopify store along with product images, descriptions, and other information. There is no need to stress about packaging and shipping, as suppliers ship products directly to your customers. 

However, Oberlo is not the only dropshipping solution in the market. There are many options for you. For example, you can use WooDropship for your WooCommerce dropshipping, Printful for your POD business, and also as Obelro itself suggested, use DSers to upgrade your AliExpress dropshipping in 2022. 

Another Dropshipping service you can try is Printful.(Design, sell and dropship personalized items)

DSers AliExpresss Dropshipping Tool

So what DSers AliExpress dropshipping tool is? As its name suggests, DSers is the official partner of AliExpress and it is also a dropshipping app on the Shopify app store. It was founded in 2018 and has got 6,300+ 5-star reviews on the Shopify app store. When it comes to selecting an alternative for Oberlo, DSers is the first choice. 

AliExpress Dropshipping
Image Source:- Dsers

DSers as an e-commerce solution provides you features allowing you to filter the best products for the Shopify store, find the best suppliers for the items, update the product inventory automatically, track order status and manage multiple stores with one DSers account. We prefer the tool since you can enjoy its impressive features at a lower price compared to other apps in this industry.

DSers integrates with AliExpress and Shopify to offer a better dropshipping experience for users. That’s why the Oberlo app announced on their site officially: DSers is the trusted partner of Oberlo and Shopify, so you can migrate from Oberlo to DSers to continue your great dropshipping business. 

How to Migrate from Oberlo to DSers

Now, we have covered what DSers app is. We should learn how to start the migration successfully. It’s true that when you migrate from one app to another, you will meet some data conflicts that prevent you back.  However, the Oberlo team works with DSers to provide a migration tool for you here. With the tool, you can start and finish the process with a few clicks without losing any data.

So how? Firstly, you need to come to the Oberlo dashboard and sign in to the Oberlo account. You may get the tool on the Oberlo homepage. Just click MIGRATE TO DSERS NOW. 

Image Source:- Oberlo

After that, you will see a pop-up window asking you to authorize data access to DSers. Here you need to click CONTINUE TO DSERS. In the process, you have to make sure the Shopify store has installed the DSers app to ensure the data can be migrated to DSers. If not, you need to install DSers first. 

After installing DSers, if you already have a DSers account, you can directly bind an account to Shopify. If you don’t have a DSers account yet, you need to register an account first and then bind it. In the process, remember to set the data reference to avoid data conflicts.

For more specific and complete steps, please refer to this article: Migration Steps.

Set Up a Customized Shopify Store

Apart from finding an alternative to provide better dropshipping services, the second way is to set up a well-customized store for your online business. Let’s see how a well-designed store could help you.

Shopify Store

Image Source: drinkolipop

If you use Shopify to sell high-quality products, you need a professional-looking Shopify store. Customers should feel your professionalism when they visit your store. Most people in modern society consider the appearance of a website or store when shopping or making a purchase decision. If your Shopify store looks cannot amaze your customers, they’re likely to leave. 

Just like what people always say: “Customization can improve perceived service quality, customer satisfaction, customer trust, and ultimately, customer loyalty to service providers.” A well-designed Shopify store creates a professional feel that keeps prospects interested in brands and products. Essentially, a customized Shopify store can increase your store’s conversion rate.

So how to set up it? You can consider the following 4 crucial settings:

1.) Payment: We mention the payment method here since a great method can retain more customers and convert more sales.

2.) Checkout: We discuss checkout speed here. The fact is that most people will give up shopping if they need to wait for a long time when checking out. Try to make the process as fast as possible.

3.) Required policies: Policies are great methods to ensure you and your customers’ rights and benefits. Generating the necessary store policies enables you to attract more visitors and ensure your profits.

4.) Free shipping rate: The fact is that most people are more willing to purchase an item with a free shipping service than one without the service. To make your store stand out, the factor is basic but vital.

Identify a Reliable Supplier

Identifying a reliable supplier for the items is another significant thing for you if you want to upgrade the AliExpress dropshipping business. Let’s see why.

Firstly, we all know that it’s the suppliers who are responsible for providing products to consumers. Therefore, if your supplier is not reliable enough, you cannot guarantee the quality of the goods you offer. In this way, if your customers often receive inferior products, their impression of your store will be greatly reduced, and the chances of choosing your store to shop again will be reduced.

Secondly, if your supplier is reliable enough, then it will provide you with adequate policies like return refunds, claims, and item handling. In this way, even if you encounter product damage or customer problems in the process of dropshipping, you can deal with them in a timely and reasonable manner to ensure your interests.

AliExpress as a reputable e-commerce marketplace provides a large number of suppliers there. Most of the suppliers are trustworthy. What you need to do is to check customer reviews or rates of that supplier. Try your best to identify whether they are good partners or not. You can also check their product prices. Although price is not the only factor, it does reflect something. Lower prices always mean poor quality.


Starting an AliExpress dropshipping business is easy and profitable. There is no need to worry about the product inventory. With an automation tool, like DSers or Oberlo, you can find reliable suppliers, and process 100s orders in a few seconds without any hassle. After the Oberlo’s shutting down, you can find an alternative, set up a successful Shopify store, or identify a reliable supplier to boost sales and upgrade your AliExpress dropshipping.

That’s all we want to share in the post. After reading it, hope you can get value from it and know how to migrate from Oberlo to DSers or how to grow a dropshipping business.

Anyway, good luck to you in 2023.