How to turn your old electronic devices into Cash?

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turn your old electronic devices into Cash

Technology is moving at such a fast pace that it can feel like the day you buy a new device and open the box, its replacement is already being built or on the assembly line. The world is always looking for the next best thing and manufacturers are happy to fill our needs for faster, brighter, sleeker, and cooler electronic devices.

So when you decide to upgrade your iPad, smartphone, or tablet, what do you do with the old one?

Most of us put it in the cupboard on the bottom shelf, thinking we will get around to selling our devices online. While most electronic devices lose half of their value during the first few months of use, they still have cash value and with the right service, you can get back some of your investment. Some of your money back is better than none, and these services make it very easy to get rid of these devices cluttering your closet. There are several businesses out there that will offer you money or store credit for your used devices, make them easy to ship and you don’t need to leave the house. These companies will also offer a location for you to visit where you can take your trade-in and get your credit instantly.

3 Best Places to Sell Your Old Electronic Devices

1.) Apple Trade-In Program

If you are planning on purchasing the latest Apple products and you have an old device to trade in, then this program will benefit you. The process involves a 2-3 week turnaround time, but in that time if you decide to make a purchase, Apple will credit your account with the amount of your trade-in. You can speed up the process by visiting an Apple store and turning your device in personally. You should get the credit instantly that can be used towards any purchase. If you aren’t in the market to make a purchase right away, then the offer they make will be issued in the form of a gift card or store credit. Apple does take in other products that are not made by them, but you are limited to their gift card for payment. This program is great for someone who wants the latest iPhone or other new Apple product because you can use your credit towards paying for it. In those occurrences where the company won’t accept your trade-in, they will offer to recycle it for you free of charge.

Payment Method: Apple Store Gift Card

2.) Amazon Trade-In Program

Amazon is a global giant and it seems that the company has a program for everything. The trade-in program at Amazon will take your used device and give you an Amazon gift card in return that can be used for any product or service on their site. While it may not be cash, Amazon sells such a huge array of products and services, you can definitely find some use for the credit. Amazon is not limited to cell phones, tablets, and laptops either, the trade-in program accepts such devices as routers, security systems, and video doorbells.

If you have ever purchased and returned something to Amazon, then you have an idea of how easy it is to do. The trade-in program is just as effortless. Once Amazon makes an offer for your electronic device and you accept it, a shipping label is made available for you to ship the product for free. Once Amazon receives the product, they will issue the credit to your Amazon account. It is a very simple system that requires very little effort on your part.

The turnaround time for selling your electronics online in the trade-in program and receiving your credit is 2-3 days.

Payment Method: Amazon Gift Card

3.) Best Buy Trade-In Program

With the Best Buy program, you have a choice of whether you want to get instant credit for your device by going into the store or choosing the online option which will take 9-10 days. Best Buy is a huge electronics retailer that sells all the major name brands so if you have an assortment of devices you want to get rid of, you might be able to do all of them with Best Buy. The retail giant will offer store credit or gift card in return for your trade-in which is a benefit if you plan on purchasing another device.

The process of trading your product is simple and involves an online questionnaire asking about things like make, model, and condition, and the program will produce a quote. Once you have accepted that quote you can ship the product to them or visit a store for instant credit.

There are many companies that are willing to pay for the old electronics that clutter your home and are willing to make it as easy as they can for you. If you are planning on purchasing a new phone, computer, laptop, or another electronic device, it is worth it to see what you have lying around the house. You may be surprised as to what you can trade in for a credit that will save you money on the latest and greatest gadget. 

Payment Method: Best Buy Gift Card

Get rid of old electronic items and make some extra funds from your e-waste.