How To Save iMessage & Whatsapp Messages And Print Them As A Memorable Book

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When mobile phones were newly launched, no one fathomed that one day it will be used for sending text messages as much as you use it for talking to people. In fact, text messages through multiple applications in a phone are used more frequently than it is used for calling people. Be it for passing information or for expressing yourself to your loved ones, the text message has become an essential form of communication. With so much conversation happening in the form of messages, all of us may not only want to archive and reread the messages but also organize and backup messages from Whatsapp or Hike or iMessages. 

Why should you organize and backup your messages?

Imagine scrolling through innumerable messages on your Whatsapp to find what you want. Yes, we’ve been there and it’s really a painful process. What if you just want to want to read the conversations with your loved one from multiple applications? What if your phone suddenly crashes putting all your messages at risk of losing them permanently? This is why organizing and backing up messages and conversations become very important. 

  • It saves you immense time by accessing what you want instantly instead of going through an endless thread of messages
  • Taking a backup of your iMessages or Whatsapp messages will not only ensure the safety of your data but also a solution to your storage problem
  • Organizing them in different folders based on a subject or a person will be extremely meaningful in helping you relive certain conversations

For people who face these issues regularly, a software that can provide solutions is a born. Keepster is one such tool that can transfer all your messages from your iOS devices and organize them into folders for later use. To simply put, Keepster is a messaging bank that lets you organize and save messages, texts, and chats to help you revisit easily. 

Messaging Platforms

Irrespective of the type of message, you can easily search by date or keyword filter and save the messages. And depending on the messages you can organize them by any topic or theme for later use. Let us dive in to see how to save these messages easily using Keepster.

How To Save And Backup Messages From Multiple Applications Using Keepster?

Keepster is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers. As a first step, you need to download and install the Keepster app and create an account on your laptop or computer. 

  • Once the app is downloaded, open the Keepster app, and complete the backup process.  
  • Select your device and the relevant messaging platform such as Whatsapp, iMessage, Hike, Line, or Viber where the messages are located.
  • Search the contact or the group by scrolling through your contact list.
  • Using a date or keyword filter, select specific messages and images that you want to save. Or, use the “Select All” link to grab all the messages in your conversation to save to a Keepster folder. 
  • Name the folder, create a description as needed, and save the folder. 

Keepster folders help curate your messages and are sorted in chronological order based on when the messages were sent. You can create multiple folders easily and combine messages from multiple applications to the same folder. 

Make a Book of Your Digital Messages

Keepster doesn’t stop with saving and organizing your messages. Though the days of love letters are long gone, we still prefer to hold something that lets us relive some memories. This is where Keepster becomes really engaging by giving life to the digitally saved messages. Keepster books are a beautiful way of letting you revisit some special moments and act as a souvenir or memento in honor of such occasions. 

Once you have saved the messages in your Keepster folder, you can easily convert them to the Keepster book. You can capture messages from multiple messaging apps and easily customize the book by choosing the background, layout, and messages. You can easily preview them and edit them till you get your desired output. 

Keepster books are sized at a very comfortable 8.5 inches X 5.5 inches having both softcover and hardcover. You can choose your preferred binding depending on the number of pages you want in your book. Keepster books are very affordable in terms of pricing starting from $9.99 and shipping charges. 

Keepster will change the way you message!  

Organizing and saving messages becomes important as it lets you revisit them easily. Keepster is a wonderful app that helps you organize your messages easily and also back them up. Be it the silliest of jokes or texts from your beloved, Keepster books also let you relive them in the best possible way. Keepster books are also an excellent choice for unique, personal gifts.

Keepster is available for downloads in OSX 10.12 Sierra and above in Mac and Windows 10 and above for Windows and it is available only for iPhones.