How to save a WebPage as a PDF in Chrome, Mozilla using PDF Mage

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Do you know what PDF stands for? Portable Document Format. “Portable” — that’s what exactly PDF is. PDF is supported almost everywhere — no matter whether you’re using your desktop or smartphone. The lightweight behaviour of PDF makes creating, editing, and sharing documents more convenient.

There are certain instances when you need to capture entire webpages. Yes, of course, screenshots are the easiest formula, but neither they are lightweight on file-size, nor they retain much text details. And the worst part, screenshots are deliberately compressed when sharing online and leads to loss of quality.

Let me introduce PDF Mage, which is an amazing online tool to save Chrome as PDF files. Once I started using this free utility, I never went back looking for other options for capturing web pages. PDF Mage retains the best quality, files are manageable and makes sharing them a whole lot easier.

And the best part, you get every benefits and perk of PDF files. For example, you can select and copy texts, which aren’t possible with screenshots. You can extract images and retain their maximum quality. Finally, you can capture the entire webpage, as compared to only the screen portion.

Long webpages are precisely converted into convenient PDFs with one single click. You can use this service as an online tool, or you can add Chrome and Firefox extensions on your desktop. But wait, there’s more. Programmers can also use the Developer API for third-party integration on their services.

Whether you save page as PDF or capture webpages for sharing – PDF Mage is the best and easiest solution, and of course, for free. And once you upgrade with the PDF Mage Pro, you can benefit from advanced webpage conversion features, that will make your whole workflow lot better.

Benefits And Features of PDF Mage

  • Save webpages with one single click
  • Whatever webpage you are viewing you can save using PDFMage
  • No watermarks applied
  • Automatically downloads and saves PDF files
  • Capable of saving specific parts of webpages as PDF

Getting Started With PDF Mage

Here’s how you can install this browser extension and save HTML as PDF.

  • Install the browser extension for Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  • Next step is to navigae the web page that want to capture
  • Now click on the PDF Mage extension button as mentioned in screenshot
  • Wait for some time until your request is processed.
  • Once your webpage is converted into pdf, downloading will start automactically

For more advanced scenarios when you only want to save specific parts of the page as PDF, just right-click anywhere on the page, choose “PDF Mage”, and click on “Save Part Of Page As PDF.”

Final Conclusion

PDF Mage is indeed the most comfortable way of capturing webpages as PDF documents. This not only retains the full quality but also lets you select, copy and extract texts and pictures within the PDF. Ditch your ancient technique of saving screenshots of webpages, and start using PDF Mage.