How to Reduce Jpeg File Size Online Completely Free

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JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) or JPG is the most common image extensions that are used in the digital world. As compared to the other photo extensions pictures with jpg image formats are mostly transferred over the internet. Today we are going to show you step by step guide how to reduce jpeg file size online that too without losing the quality.

Why do we need to compress JPEG File?

Images are a combination of pixels also called dots and each pixel use some color so a high-quality image has millions of pixels and storing the same on computer or uploading on the server can take millions of bytes. Even uploading or downloading of high-quality images can eat a lot of your internet data hence it’s mandatory to reduce the size of your image before uploading.

Compressed JPEG Images are useful in many situations:-

  • You can easily email the pictures.
  • Your blog loads faster if you use compressed images on WordPress.
  • When creating an ebook
  • Images load faster on a computer or smartphone that are older.

A few days ago we discussed about the photo repair software to repair corrupt images on Windows & Mac (Repair your JPEG files)

2 Free Methods to Reduce JPEG File Size

 Method 1.

 Open your image in paint and decrease the number of pixels but by this method, you will see a change in the quality of your image when comparing to your original image.

Adjust the pixels 

File Size Reduced

Method 2.

Compress using online tool

**Just wanted to let you know we are using this awesome tool from last 2 years and compressed thousands of image so far.

 What We Like About (JPG Size Reducer)

  • Beautiful Interface
  • Fast Loading Page
  • No Advertisements
  • Within a seconds you can compress JPEG files.
  • Trusted and 100% Safe Tool

Step1:- Open a website

reduce jpeg file size

Step 2:- Select your file from your pc (JPG, JPEG or PNG)

File Compressed

Step 3:- Download your file

This tool gives you a 3 option to save your compressed files

Final Thoughts

Do you have high-quality images and you are looking for JPG size reducer we suggest you to try the above methods and please share your experience of compressing the images.

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