How to identify Affiliate Links and Make Money with Affiliate Marketing in 2020 (Updated 2023)

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Links can help you to find the resources you are looking for in a particular web page which can be in the form of text/images.

Normal Links like used by editorial team for seo purpose while affiliate links are used to promote products or services.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to make money online in 2020 and to monetize your website you need affiliate links.

To become an affiliate you need to sign up as a affiliate marketer on affiliate networks like shareasale, commission junction, skimlinks and get you website approved before you start promoting products.

What are Affiliate Links and How to identify them?

You can easily find the difference between normal website and affiliate website , let me explain you 2 best ways:-

  1. Let’s say you visit any website like and check pricing so here vendor is collecting payments on the same url and you are not being redirected to any other website.
  2. Now let’s visit our website where we are selling video repair tools of different merchants so if you click on the 1st  link /goto/VideoRepair which is cloaked using pretty links but actual tracking url looks like

NOTE:- Affiliate Links consist of Affiliate ID + Product ID + Advertiser ID

You need to write a powerful content + create a solid SEO marketing strategy in order to make money from your affiliate website.

Here are some tips for you if you are planning to monetize your website using affiliate links:-

  1. Make sure you don’t add too many affiliate URL’s otherwise it’s considered to be spammy and your website can be penalized.
  2. Always use clear and user friendly affiliate links like us.
  3. Always check whether your affiliate links is properly tracking the clicks/sales in your affiliate panel so that you don’t miss any affiliate commission.

Below is the screenshot of our last payments from our commission junction affiliate account

4. Always use affiliate disclosure.

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