Torrent not Downloading Files (Top 4 Ways to Fix)

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I’m sure you have the word “Torrent” if you are downloading files from internet.

Downloading and uploading a file from internet using a Peer-to-Peer network is called torrenting. It’s the best ways to download a file from internet but you have to be careful at the same time as there are malicious sites which can enter your pc any time without your information so be cautious when using torrent

What should you do if you are not able to download your favourite content?

In this article TechPcVipers will help you to understand how to fix issues if you are not able to download files from torrent.

You can fix this issue easily and then you will be able to download your favorite content in a hassle-free way.

Why your Torrent now downloading (4 Ways to Fix it)

1. Ensuring That the Network Allows Torrenting 

An inability of files to be downloaded from a torrent site might imply that your network is restricted or not working properly. 

You can use any VPN, like NordVPN or any else to avoid the restrictions being put on your network. 

Even if you’re not able to download content from a torrent site due to certain geo-restrictions, a VPN will pave the way for you. 

You can use any one of the following VPNs for this purpose: 

● NordVPN 

● CyberGhost VPN 

● Surfshark 

These are some of the famous and safe VPNs you can use to avoid any kind of network restrictions. 

2. Try to Download the Torrent Files From Another Site

You can try to download the file from another torrent site if you’re unable to download it from the site of your choice. 

To refer to another site, you can scroll above and go for any site of your choice. We have provided four torrent sites and you can choose any one of them. 

3. Use a Compatible VPN System 

Virtual Private Network commonly known as VPN is an excellent service that allows you to disguise your IP address so that when you are online your activities remain anonymous. 

I have mentioned above that a VPN can help you to block out the network constraints. However, a non-compatible VPN can lead to a torrent file not downloading. 

For this purpose, you should try to use another VPN that is compatible with your torrent site. 

4. Check Your Firewall

Firewall restrictions may cause your torrent to not download files. Therefore, if your device has Firewall, you need to check a few settings to ensure that you can download the files. 

Here’s what you can do:

  • First, search Firewall in the device’s search bar.
  • Then, choose Firewall and Network Selection.
  • Next, select Allow an app through firewall.

Finally, scroll down to the Change settings option

Accordingly, edit the settings to make your torrent download files.

Things To Consider Before Finding a Torrent Site

There are some basic features and aspects you must consider before trusting a torrent site to download any file since there is a never-ending risk of a site turning out to be “fake”. 

So to ensure the safety and security of your device, you should use the below-listed features to identify a fake site. 

You must look out for copyright information in the privacy policy of the site. The site you open must have a privacy section where you can check their copyright information and whether they are verified or not. 

2. HTTPS Website

You might keep in mind that this is one of the most basic and imperative features to be checked while downloading files from any torrent. You should lookout for a secure HTTPS connection rather than an unsecured one.  

If you are confused about whether the torrent site you use is safe or not, check the above-mentioned features for it. 

You can also read about some reliable sites for safe torrent downloading on the FirestickTricks blog. This way, you will have a better understanding of the security and safety status of various sites. 

Final Conclusion

Torrenting is one of the best ways today to share files. However, you may encounter a few issues while downloading the files. Hopefully, the above article helps you rectify your errors.