Beginner’s Guide : How to create Google Registration form ( With Screenshots)

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Google forms is a product by Google that can be used by anyone who has a Gmail account. It’s an online tool and replacement of software which is used to create surveys, quizzes, contact form and portfolio completely free.

Google Forms

Gathering a piece of information from your customer is pretty much easy when you share an easy and simple platform with users to collect basic information.

Google Forms are created due to a variety of reasons

  1. Collect user details such as name, contact no and email.
  2. Capture the data of  Bloggers
  3. Register user for an event
  4. Creating a surveys
  5. Exam form

You can choose from a variety of template to create  beautiful forms and do the branding of your company

In the previous review we discussed the shortcut to uninstall programs and today we are going to teach you how to create Google Registration form.

I suggest you create your Gmail account if you don’t have otherwise you won’t be able to create any google forms.

Follow the below 5 steps to create a registration form

Step 1:-   Go to

Step 2:-   At the top left corner you can see a Plus expand icon, just click on that icon.

Step 3:-   Now  you are ready to create a new form

Step  4:- Give your Form name a unique title and start building a form using a drag and drop functionality.

Step 5:- You can add multiple fields such as name, email, address. It completely depends upon your requirement what kind of data you want to capture from the user.

Google Registration Form

I hope you got an idea of what is Google Form and how to create a basic Registration form.

  •         All the data gets stored in the response tab which is given in the below screenshot.

Responses Record

Final Verdict

I hope you understood the basic process of creating a Google Registration Form and how to capture the user data using Google forms. Choose templates >>Add your own logo and start creating surveys, quizzes, registration forms.

In case if you need any kind of help then you can click here to get more information.

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