How to Create an Infographic with DesignCap

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Infographic is more vivid to express your idea and info. It allows you to transmit certain information about a relevant topic using a combination of images, text, numbers, graphics, etc. It helps you clarify the most important aspects of a topic in a fresh and easier to understand way.

This is very useful in our daily life or for our business content. But it always difficult for us to make one to use the most advanced image editing application like PhotoShop, Indesign or Gimp without knowing any tech knowledge or design skills. Don’t worry. The truth is that many online tools like Canva would help. In this article I bring you a new infographic generators, with which you will be able to create spectacular infographics even if you have no idea of graphic design. It’s DesignCap that has free version. Let how to use DesignCap infographic maker to create your own infographics.

  1. Choose a template

It’s optional to register or not. But if you want to save your project online under your DesignCap for later editing at any other place, it’s better to register an account.

Open the homepage of and you will find a button “Get Started Now”. Click this button to kick off your design. And you will be welcomed by a large selection of professionally designed templates divided in to different categories like poster, invitation, card, Facebook cover, YouTube channel art, Facebook post, Instagram post, infographic and so on. Pick a theme that meets your needs to get more specific templates in that theme. Here I just choose infograpic as an example. Grab your the slider and browse them one by one. Choose the most likely one to make editing.


2 . Customize the design

If you already have an idea, you can just create without any template. Otherwise, take a template to start. Then make some changes to all the elements on the design. DesignCap allows users to add graphics, photos, texts and backgrounds to customize the design.

Decorate with graphic

DesignCap has the option to add your graphics into your infographic design. You are free to add a line, solid shape, outlined shape, and outlined solid shape to decorate your infographic design. Checking the shape tab, you can see there are many preset shapes for you to choose. It’s easy to adjust the shape’s opacity, border, fill with effects. You can also change its layer to bottom or to top.

Besides its shape graphics, DesignCap offers a numerous number of stock icon. Users can type a keyword and search a specific icon to make some fine tunes. You can also easily click on the categories to find the icon you want.


Add your own photo

Like adding icons from online, DesignCap allows users to add photos by searching in the app online as well. It’s the same to type your keyword and search it. Thus, I wont talk more about this here.

If you want to upload your own photos from desktop, it’s also OK. You can view the uploaded photos at the photo list at the left of the interface. It allows you to add up to 1000 photos to the photo library. Drag the drop the one you like into the workplace and personalize it by adding filter, adjusting its contrast, saturation, brightness, etc. With DesignCap infographic designer, you can also crop, flip, rotate your photos or place photos to wherever you want.


Add words into infographic

To make your infographic meaningful, add text content into it. You can play around with 100+ fonts, change it’s color, size, alignment, glow effect, etc.


Set a background

It’s time to set a background to your design if it is needed. Click on the Background button at the left toolbar to assign a color to your infographic design. You can use color background or preset pattern background to beatify your design. For color background, DesignCap allows you to use solid background color as well as gradient background color. Just select the desired color in the palette, and click the + button to help you save the selected color for using it next time.

3. Save and Share

Once everything looks great, download your design as PDF, PNG or JPG to meet your needs. You can also share it on social media or via email or anywhere online directly through the app since it supports sharing the copy and paste link of the design you make. What’s more, you can just save it online under your account to later editing in case any details need to be changed.

Final Conclusion

Hope this article helps you know a new way to easily create an infographic and give it a professional look. DesignCap infographic creator is relatively simple as well as being a task that saves time much with its straightforward interface and uncountable marvellous preset templates for different theme.