How to Choose the Best Website Builder in 2020 [For Beginners]

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I’ve been reviewing website builders since a long time now. As technology advances, we have new tools every other day in the market. And, as a user, going through all of them is a hell of a task. Isn’t it? Well, leave all your worries behind, as you wouldn’t need another article to choose the perfect builder for you after this one.

More often than not, building a website can be difficult. Especially if you are someone without technical knowledge, things can get tricky and messy. Fortunately enough, technology has blessed us with the luxury of automated tools and platforms. And, today we have picked one of the ideal solutions for all the beginners out there. So, let’s get started!

Which is the Ideal Website Builder to Get Started With?

You will come across many website builders online. The point is to understand what’s best for you. All the platforms cater to a specific set of people and needs. And, today we will learn about the platform that suits the beginners the best – Weblium.

Weblium - AI Website Builder

Weblium provides a platform to build a professional-looking website quickly for beginners without any technical knowledge. Along with the presence of an AI Design Supervisor, building a website has never been easier. Weblium offers an array of tools to create, update and host the website online. 


  • Free Domain for a year

The Plan includes a free domain that remains available for the year.

  • Built-in SEO

The package includes inbuilt SEO (Search Engine Optimizer), which enhances the website to get highlighted on related searches.

  • Free SSL Certificate

Free SSL certificate ensures users data privacy, ensuring secure connections

  • Mobile Adaptive design

With time, online traffic is majorly shifting to mobile devices. With mobile adaptive design of Weblium, any update on the website gets reflected in the mobile design automatically.

  • Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting ensures no space limit.

  • Consistent Support

Webmail has the option of getting direct support from professionals in the field. So, on any mistake or requirement, only a request needs to be generated

Weblium provides a great entry point for cloud-based hosting and handy to use for any beginner. Along with the above set of features, Weblium provides us with a host of more than 100 templates across 20 categories. These templates use block designs, making it much easier to construct or visualize a website. 

Content blocks have provision for dynamic editing (which displays the changes during any update only). The block design allows addition or deletion in case of any requirement. The addition of blocks can be done from the block library, which contains over 200 content blocks. Another major benefit being, the block can be updated without starting from scratch.

How Much Does it Cost?

There are basically two plans on offer: Free or Pro. Pro plan is being backed up by an inclusive SSL certificate. However, the free domain makes it a very compelling offer.

Want More? – Weblium Add-Ons

The most promising feature for Weblium is the ease of usage, especially for a beginner:

  • Make Weblium build it for you

Weblium provides you with the option of building the website for you. From initial design to consecutive updates; everything can be custom made as per your requirements. 

  • E-commerce platform

Weblium provides the scope to build an e-commerce platform with ten pages, ten items, online payments & shopping cart features. This is their “e-commerce lite” feature.

  • User support: Phone, email & 24/7 live chat

Support is provided across multiple platforms in 2 languages: English & Russian. They can also be reached via Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Weblium presents a high-quality product with added features. Add-ons may charge you a bit, but give total value for money. Moreover, for the non-technical users, this is an ideal investment.

Final Thoughts

Website building is no longer an option for anyone dealing with any kind of products or services online. Weblium hosts as a brilliant platform that provides ample tools and scope to build a professional website. Along with the above, SSL certification, built-in SEO, Cloud compatibility & mobile adaptive design makes it a very compelling product for the first time or seasoned website developers. Do try out Website templates and you will never have to read another article on choosing a website builder