How To Choose the Best GPS Fleet Tracking and Management Software

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GPS vehicle tracking is an essential part of any business. It makes an integral part of vehicle telematics and is a widely used tool for smart fleet management systems today. It was a new concept when I started using it for my own business, but it is a commonly used software now. Having GPS for fleet managements systems does numerous tasks for me such as monitoring over-speeding, preventing vehicle theft, minimizing fuel costs by reducing speeding, guiding drivers more efficiently to enhance on-time deliveries and customer satisfaction, and ultimately increasing revenues. After using the service for a long time now, I can recommend GPSWOX as an efficient and reliable option.

As per a report by Frost and Sullivan, GPS fleet tracking and management systems can raise your fleet’s productivity by 10-15% and vehicle utilization by 15-20%. This also leads to reduce fuel consumption by 20-25%.


What Are The Benefits of Fleet Tracking Software?

  1. Tracks and manages vehicles in real-time on your PC or phone
  2. Prevents both vehicle and cargo theft and aids in recovery
  3. Fleet tracking data resolves customer billing disputes
  4. Qualifies you for discounts on insurance premiums
  5. Optimizes routes relative to current traffic and weather conditions
  6. Reduces fuel costs by reducing speeding, idling, and unauthorized usage
  7. Identifies and reduces unauthorized usage
  8. Reduces maintenance costs

Why Choose GPSWOX Fleet Tracking and Management System?

  1. Trusted Brand

GPSWOX is one of the pioneers of the fleet tracking and management industry and boasts over 100k customers worldwide. They are the most reliable name in the marketplace.

2. Simple to Use

The simple interface of GPSWOX allows you to register and start tracking in less than 5 min. In fact, the software’s great usability earned 3 awards from Finances Online, including the Great User Experience Certificate.

3. Clear Pricing

GPSWOX’s pricing is simple and straightforward, starting from only €99/month for tracking 1-100 objects easily.

4. Perfect for Personal & Business Use

GPSWOX gives the power to easily track your car, bike, kids, husband, wife, pet etc. The software is also suitable for any type of business or industry.

5. Compatible with Any Tracker

GPSWOX boasts the capability to work with any industry or size fleet. It can also be easily connected with any tracker or sensor on the market with compatibility across 900+ GPS trackers.GPSWOX works closely with the biggest GPS tracker manufacturers and supports 900+ GPS tracking devices and sensors.

6. Data Analysis

With GPSWOX you can transform and analyse complex data into simple interpretable formats like maps, charts, graphs and reports.

7. Free Powerful Mobile Apps

GPSWOX boasts a wide range of mobile tracking applications to fulfill all your business needs. Some custom apps can be also made on request by our developers specifically designed for your business.

8. Customizable Design

GPSWOX gives you the ability to customize the design of the software for your brand. You can customize the login window, change the template, the colours of the program or app, and add your logo. GPSWOX also offers you to receive custom features to meet your business needs on request.

9. Secure Servers

Our servers provide 99.99% uptime guarantee for your tracking account.

10. 24/7 Tech Support

The free international 24-hour tech support means that customers get their questions answered on time, any time.

What Features Does GPSWOX Fleet Tracking and Management System Offer?

GPSWOX is my top recommendation because of its rich features:

• Easy integration of fleet data in enterprise applications, like CRM, ERP, payroll, dispatching and more
• The ability to capture real-time images through a connected camera with GPS tracker
• The facility to manage multiple users and permissions
• Feature to customize scheduled maintenance plans for any vehicle (such as mileage, operating hours or time-lapse)
• Accessibility to easy communicate with drivers and capture field data
• The ability to monitor driver activity using the iButton/RFID
• Reports in multiple formats with data categorised on driving hours, stopovers, distance travelled, fuel consumption, etc.
• Regular notifications about objects moving into a geo-zone, speeding, stopovers, etc
• The ability to check the fuel level and consumption

Final Words

GPSWOX is a software that tracks objects accurately, effectively, and smoothly. Irrespective of the size, the fleet is or the type of business or industry you operate in, GPSWOX is the one-stop destination for your fleet tracking and management. Lack of this system in your business can affect your growth and security to a big extent. From vehicle tracking to security to data analysis GPSWOX does a fabulous job. Want to experience GPSWOX for yourself? Have a look at their top offerings and sign up for the 30-day free trial.