How to Boost Email Marketing Campaign: Email Checker

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Every marketer who has had a marketing strategy or campaign for their business knows the importance of Email Marketing as a proven and precise method for delivering their message directly to the customers. And the best thing? – You get to measure every step of your campaign.

The most recognized steps in every campaign are delivery rates, open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. Everybody relies on these factors to determine the overall success of the campaign.

Sadly, there is an equally important metric that many people skip — email address verification and validation. This measures the foundation of any email campaign. Accuracy of this small metric can enhance your results dramatically, but ignorance can completely ruin the whole campaign.

Hence, this article will deal with the best email verification service in the market. Let’s get the verification party started.

What Are Email Verifiers?

Email verifiers are tools or online services that enable marketers to verify a single email address or a whole list of email addresses that assures that the contacts exist, are valid and working. It simultaneously shows all the data that is invalid or not working at the moment.  

Reasons to Use Emails Verification

There can be technical as well as human-related reasons as to why an email address can get rejected. 

  • A person changing email ID 
  • A person with official email address changing jobs
  • The domain no longer exists
  • The email provider is down or dead

So the more often you check your existing lists, the better.

One of the best tools for a feature-rich email verification service is Email Checker. It’s an online verification longest-running email checking services and one of the most robust and accurate ones in the marketplace. 

Email Checker: Best Tool for Email Verification

Email Checker is an effective tool that allows users to verify single or bulk emails. The tool has been made so convenient for the users that you won’t even have to leave the current tab in your browser, as it works as a plugin. It is something that will fetch you multi-fold results, but won’t eat-up on your budget. They have something to offer for all budgets.

Email Checker leads the industry, with a detailed combination of Python, Java, PHP, and C#.

The tool provides an email validation platform which ensures email addresses are accurate and verified in all situations. 

Key Features

1. Integrations: Offers different integration offers for various customer needs – such as automated batch file submission and recovery using batch API, FTP account access, and also manual upload

2. B2B Verification: With a custom-built B2B cloud platform, the tool offers speed and handles many special requirements of B2B email list cleaning

3. Bulk API: Batch API service designed for fast batch processing of large B2B lists (up to one million email verifications per day)

4. API Responsiveness: One of the fastest real-time API with market-leading uptime and SLA of 99.97% in the past twelve months

5. Compatibility: Compliant with all major email service providers including Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail

6. Yahoo verification: Offers “extreme” Yahoo and Ymail options in their real-time API for the highest possible accuracy

7. Common Typo Handling: Searches for common typos and suggest more likely alternatives. E.g. is more likely to be

8. Pay As You Go: On-demand pricing plan to meet your needs and requirements, no matter what size email list

9. Easy Credit Based System: Allows to purchase a block of email cleaning credits to cater to your immediate email verification needs.

10. Easy to use Dashboard: Glide through the process with the drag & drop interface and user-friendly access.



When it comes to email verification, always stay away from free, as it a service you are asking for, and no quality service is free when it comes to bulk requirements. Fortunately, Email Checker offers a Free Trial, which allows up to 100 verifications. If you like the service, you can proceed with either of the two simple options:-

1) Pre-paid On-Demand Plan:

Starting Price: $14

  • 1,000 email-checks
  • Upload extra fields
  • Instant access

2) Monthly Subscription Plan: 

Starting Price: $10 per month

  • 1,000 email-checks per month
  • Upload extra fields
  • Instant access

Their plans sale up to 2,500,000 emails checks per month, with additional higher packages available, if required.


The service is backed up 24/7 by a professional support team that offer their experience and expertise via a dedicated Helpdesk.

Final Words

Email verification is a must-have process and can save you much time and money.

As you understand by now, email verification is a win-win process — it saves you money, saves your efforts and also saves a lot of time. Hence, we recommend Email Checker is worth every single penny spent. Try it once and we assure there’s no turning back.

Happy campaigning!