Hooksounds Review 2024: Original Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects (Updated)

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Hooksounds - Royalty Free Music

Many websites offer copyright-free images. 

Are there any platforms that offer royalty-free music tracks for personal and commercial use? 


HookSounds offers exactly that and more. The company has more than 3000 royalty-free tracks produced by its own musicians. Isn’t that great? You don’t have to worry about the company selling someone else’s tacks to you. No more worrying about unexpected lawsuits even after paying for the music track. HookSounds is reliable, safe, and a perfect choice for those who need royalty-free tracks. 

Let’s discuss Hooksounds in detail

Hooksounds Overview 

HookSounds was founded by Alvaro Angeloro and Veronica Viera as a remote company to provide high-quality and royalty-free music tracks. Alvaro, being a musician has composed several tracks for other businesses.  

Once they began to build a strong customer base, they decided to provide more royalty-free music without compromising quality. In fact, quality is the topmost priority at HookSounds. The team is very particular about the music tracks they make available on the site. That’s the main reason they don’t use music from other sources. The USP of HookSounds is the range of premium music tracks they offer to the public. 

Highlights of HookSounds

→ Artists from Around the World 

HookSounds has artists from around the world producing music tracks to upload on the site. The company works with musicians from different regions, backgrounds, and cultures to create a diverse range of tracks. No wonder HookSounds has gained a reputation as one of the best music providers in the market. 

→ Several Versions 

One version of a track never works for everyone, right? Each of us would want a different format or style. The team at HookSounds has already thought of this. You can choose the file and style of the track you want. Do you want the instrumental version? Will loops suit your requirements better? Tell them, and they’ll provide it. 

→ Range of Tracks 

The site has music tracks, sound effects, intros, and outros. You don’t have to spend hours of your time editing the track after you buy it. Choose the one that best suits your project and directly buy the license for it. 

→ Royalty-Free (No Strings Attached) 

Royalty-free means exactly that. There are no strings attached or expiry dates after you spend on a track. You don’t have to pay them royalty after getting the license. Use the tracks in your commercial content without the fear of legal and financial complications. 

Lifetime Licensing 

It’s annoying and expensive to renew the license for a music track every year. That’s why HookSounds offers a lifetime license for every track on the site. You pay only once. No more renewals or repayments. 

→ Live Customer Support 

The company’s live support is very good. The team has good knowledge about how to use the track, which factors to consider, and anything else you want to know about buying the tracks from their site. 

→ Flexible Pricing 

Another advantage of getting royalty-free tracks from HookSounds is the flexibility of the pricing. You can either choose a single licensing or monthly subscription, depending on your requirements. For example, if you are a content creator and need access to tracks regularly, you can choose the monthly subscription. 

Hooksounds Pricing 

Hooksounds Pricing

HookSounds offers three paid pricing plans with monthly and annual subscriptions. The company offers a 25% discount on annual pricing. The prices for single tracks can be found on the website. 

1.) Premium: $14.99/ month or $179.91/yearly

For creators, YouTubers, influencers and digital creators

  • Music + Intros + Sound Effects
  • 100% allowed to monetize
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Videos, Stories, Shorts, Podcasts
  • Covers one channel per platform
  • Digital Ads
  • Valid for Streaming and VODs
  • Personal and commercial use for your own use
  • Loops & instrumental versions
  • No PRO payments
  • Access to our App (coming soon)

2.) Business: $49/ month or $589/Yearly

For agencies and businesses

  • Covers everything from Premium
  • Clear content for your clients
  • Multiple user accounts
  • In-store music
  • 3 custom music requests per month
  • Personal music advisor
  • All rights covered for TV
  • No cue sheets needed

3.) Custom: tailor-made 

 For large enterprises

  • API Access
  • Support for integrations with third party apps
  • Sublicense agreements
  • Unlimited team members
  • Large scale custom tracks solutions
  • Market Freeze (licenses securing exclusivity for a set period of time)

You can get royalty-free music tracks for free for personal use as long as you give credits to the original creator. You need to buy the license if you want to monetize the content with the track or use it for commercial purposes. 

What do people say about Hooksounds?


Hooksounds Education Program

Do you run any educational organization? Are you a teacher, student or a school director? Finding the right music for your school projects can be challenging.

If you are a qualified educational institution you will get a 25% discount on any of the Hooksounds premium annual plan.

For any special pricing you can fill the form and anyone from Hooksounds will get back to you.

Hooksounds Affiliate  Program (Get 30% commission on every sale)

Be a part of Hooksounds & get full access to the entire library including premium tracks. Dashboard to track your earnings and regular follow-up with the Affiliate Manager.

Pros & Cons 


  • Good collection of music tracks
  • Excellent customer support 
  • Informative and knowledgable team 
  • Different plans to choose from 
  • Lifetime license  
  • Monetization 


  • No exclusive purchasing 
  • Monthly subscription can be expensive 

Final Conclusion

HookSounds is a reliable and trustworthy site to get royalty-free music tracks for your professional and personal needs. Marketers and businesses can ask for custom tracks to suit their marketing campaigns. That makes HookSounds a one-stop solution for all your music-related requirements. 

The company is currently working on an app so that users can directly buy and download the track on their smartphones. If quality and diversity of music are important to you, look no further than HookSounds. We have purchased a few tracks from the company and can vouch for the quality.