Heepsy Review 2019: The method to find Instagram Influencers

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Heepsy has been our latest discovery about influencer marketing tools that makes the marketers life easier. As we all already know, Influencer marketing is one of the most relevant strategies to face in 2019, but it presents some problems we must solve before we start. Which influencers are there near my business? Who is a real influencer with authentic audience? Which of them are valuable for my business? Heepsy makes find instagram influencers really easy.

What makes Heepsy special?

Unlike other tools you can try Heepsy with certain limitations before you buy one of their plans. You can use the “Bio search” for free, this means that you can try entering a relevant keyword (a category, country or whatever) and discover thousands of instagram influencers in seconds.

They have a huge amount of influencers. According to them, you can find and filter among more than 7 million influencers. This is more than enough to carry out any campaign whatever your business.


The Influencer profile shows you relevant information to evaluate if an influencer fits your brand goals. It’s really complete. First of all, there is a “Quality score”, which tells you if an influencer is fake or not in a glance. Then, you can check the average engagement, a growth graph, other brand collaborations and other interesting data.

Customer service is another value to consider. Heepsy offers support through a chat or through email in case you need help with anything. The questions or doubts that have arisen in our test have been resolved in the first contact and in a very effective way.

Quality Search

We have performed several searches with the intention of testing the ability of the tool to find influencers for several different types of campaigns. For this, we have made use of one of their payment plans, in this way we have access to a greater number of filters and further refine our search. The number of influencers that the tool has shown in each search has been high, even when I have tried to be very specific both in terms of category and location.

It is true that after conducting the search it is necessary a bit of manual work on our part, because for our campaign to be successful we must choose influencers aligned with the values of our business. Not only this, it is also necessary to discard the Instagram influencers that do not have an authentic audience, it is to say, influencers that we can suspect that they have bought followers, comments or even likes. Luckily, Heepsy gives us a metric that gives us this information at a glance. This metric is “Audience quality score”, algorithmically evaluates the influencers with a score between 0 and 100 points.

But if we prefer we can also go into the details. For example, the growth graph visualizes the growth rate of an influencer’s followers. Some spikes can help us discover the purchase of fake followers. A negative trend can indicate the decline of an influencer.

Influencers Profile

The engagement rate helps us assess whether an influencer will help us meet the goals of our campaign. This graph contextualizes the influencer telling us if it is above or below the level of engagement that other influencers have on his category. Also you can find the comments-likes ratio, which can say if there is a strange proportion that can be an indication of purchase of interactions. Again the graph helps us understand the proportion of each influencer comparing it with the rest of influencers in its category.

Other interesting information is the brands with which the influencer has been working. This is a good way to understand if the influencer fits with your brand values and maybe also can help you to discover influencers that have collaborated with your competence.

Finally if you have selected the perfect influencer for your campaign you can save him or her into a list with other influencers you have selected. When you end performing your list, you can download all influencers details (including contact details) to get in touch with them and offer them a collaboration.

Our Evaluation

In spite of your free plan, in order to manage a complete campaign, it is essential to subscribe to one of your payment plans. Luckily their prices are competitive and more if we take into account their search quality and valuable metrics.

Plans and Pricing

Heepsy search engine shows very successful results, allowing you to filter the influencers that can best fit the goals of your campaigns. I have to say that I am a big fan of the amazing data they offer about the influencers. I really like the way they show information simplifying decision making. You can find some examples of this in their website here or sign up for free and try yourself.

If you end up trying this great tool, do not hesitate to get back and comment us your impressions.