Gumlet Review :- Image Optimization Tool to make your website SEO Friendly

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Image Optimization Tool

The software market is flooded with digital marketing apps, so it’s hard for most newly launched products or platforms to stand out. Gumlet is an exception because it has everyone in the digital marketing industry talking.

What is Gumlet?

Gumlet is an advanced real-time image-optimization platform. Editors or marketers can use this app to ensure that the images/graphics they post on their marketing websites are of the correct size and quality.

Low-quality images or images that are too ‘bulky’ in size are hard to load. They make websites slow-loading. By using Gumlet, web developers can guarantee easy navigability on their websites. Since fast loading websites are preferred by Google’s search engine algorithms, this tool is vital for websites that want to rank higher of Google’s Search Engine Result Pages.  

Understanding the Platform

  • Easy to Use – The platform is easily integrate-able with all types of websites, eCommerce stores, etc.
  • Adjustable – Gumlet adjusts itself to the website, irrespective of the site’s hosting facilities. Be it a WordPress blog site or a basic website that uses JavaScript plugins – Gumlet works with all websites.
  • Integration and AI tools – After integration, the platform’s in-built AI tools detect the website’s important features. Features like supported picture formats, display type, etc. are very important. Gumlet also adjusts the pictures on a website as per the viewer’s device screen resolution. If the viewer is accessing a Gumlet-powered website from a tablet, all images on the website will be optimized for Tablet viewing.
  • Real-Time Optimization – This optimization process happens in real-time. Website visitors receive consistent and fast browsing and viewing experience.
  • Cost – Gumlet is essentially free. Only the websites that need additional bandwidth to function are charged minimal fees. $1 is sufficient to get started on Gumlet. After that, Gumlet users have to adopt a ‘Pay as You Go’ model as per the features they use, the bandwidth consumed, etc. There’s a free version of Gumlet, but it only offers limited features.

Overall, the tool is budget-friendly. It is ideal for small-scale businesses or digital marketing agencies that want to provide high-quality website browsing experiences without spending too much money.

Features that Make Gumlet Stand Out 

There are numerous tools and AI-driven software in the market. Gumlet is by far the most cost-effective tool for website developers who want to create amazing web-browsing experiences. But, the low costs are only part of Gumlet’s charm. The key features that make this tool stand out in the world of image-optimization apps are- 

  1. User-Friendly

Even though Gumlet uses AI-powered image optimization tools, it is very easy to use. All the viewer-oriented features are automatic.

Gumlet users don’t have to add details like the visitors’ device screen resolutions or display types. The tool automatically detects these details to make an instant determination of the correct image format. From resizing the images to adjusting the image quality as per the device – all visual experience-related functions take place automatically. There are no complex controls or settings.

2. Helps Cut Business Costs

Businesses have to spend a lot setting up Content Delivery Networks. These CDNs are costly because websites transmit large amounts of data.

If websites keep uploading unregulated images, the data costs will drain the business. Gumlet helps in keeping these CDN expenses in check. Even though the price reduction may not seem big, businesses can save a lot by compressing images and optimizing them over a year. The lesser bandwidth the website needs to use, the lesser CDN expenses!

3. SEO Optimization 

For web developers and site managers, one of the key disadvantages of using high-quality images is that they make websites slow.

These images attract viewers, but if they also make the site low-loading, Google won’t rank them highly.

By using Gumlet, websites can maintain image quality without having to deal with high image sizes.

Gumlet’s AI tools ensure that key image features like resolution, clarity, etc. are not hampered. Yet, the final file sizes are much smaller than the originals. Hence, users can receive fast-loading and high-quality images. The website doesn’t have to suffer in terms of search result rankings.

Gumlet Pricing Plans

Decide your plan as per your business requirement, You can take any of the plans on monthly/yearly basis

  1. Free Forever Plan (Try & Test for Free)
  • Only for 1 Website
  • 1GB Bandwidth/mo 
  • Gumlet CDN
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Community Support
  • No Uptime SLA
  • No Multi-user Support
  • No Custom Domain Support
  • No Reports or Alerts
  • No Advanced Features

2. Professional Plan for Small Businesses (Pricing $5/month)

  • 1 Website
  • 5 GB Bandwidth ($0.2 Per Extra GB)
  • Gumlet CDN
  • Full Analytics Dashboard
  • Priority Support
  • 99.9% Uptime SLA
  • 3 User Accounts
  • $5 per Custom Domain + SSL
  • Get Monthly Reports
  • No Advanced & Agency Features 

3. Business plan for Agencies & Businesses ($50/month)

  • Enjoy Unlimited Websites
  • 200 GB Bandwidth ($0.12 Per Extra GB)
  • CloudFront CDN
  • Full Analytics Dashboard 
  • Get 30 min consultation if you need support on priority
  • Unlimited User accounts
  • 99.95% Uptime SLA
  • 3 Custome CNames & SSL included
  • Whitelabeled Reports & Alerts
  • Advanced & Agency Features

4. Enterprise Plan for Publishers & Ecommerce  

The plan is bit expensive and starts from $150/month

  • Above 1 TB  Usage (Customer per GB pricing)
  • CloudFront CDN
  • 24/7 support from a dedicated account manager
  • Customer SLA (Uptime + Performance)
  • Unlimited User accounts
  • 99.95% Uptime SLA
  • Unlimited Custom CNAMEs
  • Custom Reports and Alerts
  • Advanced & Agency Features

Contact Gumlet team to take a trial of the Enterprise plan

Technical Details

OS:– Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone/iPad, Web based

Language :- English

Pricing Model – Free/Monthly/Yearly

Support:- Email/Phone/Live Support

Pros of Gumlet

  • Helps websites become user-friendly
  • Super-fast image resizing and optimization
  • Automatic compression of large image files
  • Facilitates super-fast webpage loading
  • Can be integrated on e-commerce platforms
  • CMS integration
  • Cost-Efficient
  • Dynamic content routing
  • Offers API integration

Final Conclusion

Gumlet-powered websites offer high-quality and consistent performances. It’s a must-have tool for websites aiming to climb SERP rankings!