Grab your social audience with Juphy

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Hi, today I’m going to tell you about two young people who dreamed a year ago and pursued that dream and corporatized their dreams. The name of their dreams Juphy!

By collecting all communication networks( twitter, facebook, etc) of brands or personal users who receive online messages continuously in many social media platforms, juphy enables users to solve the customer( or follower) support process in the simplest way, reporting, providing ease of sentiment analysis. Comments are clearer or priority, in other words, the connection between the user and the customer and allows to do more work in less time. Juphy is a SaaS platform and what separates it from similar applications is based on user request. Users determine the course of the site according to their wishes. Now our engineers continue to work on artificial intelligence on the application.

juphy happy customer

At first, juphy’s goal was to be considered as a global market. That’s why the first company was established in North America. The aim is in turn to north America, Europe and the middle east markets. But if you think more personally, juphy is a brand born out of need. It is one of the aims of minimizing the time spent on many notifications or comments coming from social media. The main target group of juphy branded and trying to provide customer satisfaction. Although its main purpose is to keep a lot of social media notifications together, it is suitable for personal use as it has many other features. Our customer base can be anyone who tries to provide customer satisfaction through social media platforms.

How Juphy useful for your business?

We can accept juphy as the interface between the company and the customer. Most companies monitor customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction through social media and correct their purpose, course or error accordingly. Now we are a very famous company, consider a brand maybe hundreds, maybe thousands of customers. We are in the age of technology and almost all of us convey our thoughts, wishes and social media about brands. But there are many social media platforms, and all of them need to spend time reading, answering, and perhaps correcting their mistakes. Juphy helps companies in this matter. İt allows people to lighten their business and communicate with more customers in less time. İn other words, juphy makes the companies happy and relaxed with their opportunities and provides customer satisfaction more easily thanks to juphy.

Awesome features for your social customer service needs

Juphy is designed to collect notifications, comments, messages from social media platforms in one place. For now, focusing on facebook, twitter, instagram and youtube juphy can be designed as add or remove according to customer request. With juphy, you can reply to messages from a single platform, like them as you wish, or use them as a tool gathering information for your sentiment analysis. Conversations you can either delete the comments you want, or you can prioritize comments that may be important via tags. According to the content of the comments you can resolve the company’s course or missing.

How about pricing?

Juph gives users 14 days to try. After 14 days free trial, juphy is divided into two;


This use is more suitable for personal use. Customer service and community get together to start a new one.

2) Business(149💲)

You have everything professionally in this field, it means full reporting history, export as CSV, social listening and more.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions about juphy, you can enter the application and benefit from the 14-day trial period or contact us. Have a nice day:)