Google Unveils Tangi – Joins the Race of Short Video Making Apps

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Area 120, the in-house incubator of Google has launched Tangi, a short video making app focused on Do-It-Yourself and creative videos. YouTube has been the go-to platform for years when it comes to tutorials and guides for cooking, beauty, fashion and lifestyle. How-to videos, hacks and tutorials are a part of every social media platform from YouTube to Facebook. However, with Tangi, Google wants to create a niche segment for short, creative video content.

A Closer Look at Tangi

Coco Mao, head of the Tangi project, says she was inspired by how her ‘smartphone-challenged’ mom learned to paint by following video tutorials. Mao writes in her blog, ”Tangi can become a place where they have a voice to inspire other makers.” 

Tangi, which looks like Pinterest and TikTok’s baby, houses one-minute-or-less videos in smartphone friendly vertical orientation. Its name is a combination of the words ‘Teach And Give’ and ‘tangible’. It inspires people to try creative projects like art, DIY, cooking, fashion, and beauty.

Tangi’s homepage is very similar to Pinterest, with easy-to-follow TikTok-like videos. There is no Android app at the moment and is available only on the web and via the iPhone app. Users can like, share and comment on a video. By clicking on ‘try it’ in the app, users can upload photos and comment on how well the video worked for them. Users can also find ‘more like this’ videos and organize the videos using hashtags and categories. 

Will Tangi Live Up To The Hype?

Tangi’s short videos are a little intriguing given that some tutorials last as long as 20 minutes. Also, users may miss out on some important steps forcing them to switch to YouTube. This is more of an experimental app, allowing Google to understand user reactions and behavior before a full release.

Where do you think Tangi will be after a year?

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