Google Maps added three new public transport features that will make commuting easier

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Google maps added public transport features

On Tuesday Google maps had announced about the three new features for India. From today, people using Google maps will be able to notice the bust travel time from live traffic. This will be seen in the ten largest cities in the country. You will also be able to get the live train running status for the trains by Indian Railways as well. Additionally, you will be provided with suggestions for the public transport that will also combine auto as well.

The new feature for the first time in India was announced by Taylah Hasaballah. who is the product manager of Google maps. He said that For exploring the world millions of people around the world use Google maps, the place they are in. And they have been able to deliver a relevant, trustable and accurate experience as their focus had been building the map features.

Public transport bus travel will be simplified

People using google maps will now be able to view the travel timed according to live traffic. This is done by using the Google live traffic information and the bus schedules of the area that can then calculate the delays and will be able to provide accurate timings. Launching for the first time in India, this is a unique product and will allow the users to get information on the time required for the bus trip as per the live condition of the traffic. The feature can be used now in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Lucknow, Surat, Mysore, Chennai, and Coimbatore.

For long-distance trains information in real time will be provided

Users of Google map will now be able to know the arrival time of their train with the indication of the live running status of the train. You have to search for your location and destination, alternatively, the boarding and destination station. It will be able to see the number of trains running live for that specific route. In google maps, you will be able to see any delay as well. The feature will work I partnership with my train app.

Direction result that will also include auto rickshaws

Google map on the public transport app will inform the users about the journey. It will also include public transports and auto. There will be information about the time that will be taken for travel. and what place the auto should be taken from.