Android 12 (Go Edition) is about to bring new privacy features, speed, battery – Coming in 2022

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Image Source:- Google

This edition has specifically designed for lower-end mobile phones with better speed and new features that will further enhance the user experience in smartphones.

The news coming out says that the new Go edition is ready to roll out the entry-level devices in 2022 after launch with its new feature of creating guest profiles if you have to share your phone with family members or friends.

Android 12 (Go edition) will automatically tend to save the life of the battery by cooling the apps that have not been used for a long duration of time. Privacy enhancement is going to be a significant upgrade in this Go edition.

The Latest Android 12 Iteration Will Go With The Features As-

1. ) Faster Than Before

With the Android 12 Go edition, app launches will be more than 30% faster and with better smoother animation.

2.) More intelligent features

It navigates your recent app history and provides suggestions based on your interest in news, translation and gives you ease of using.

3.) Faster App Launch Experience

Through the Splash Screen API, Android 12 makes the application launch faster than ever.

4.) Easier Device Sharing

This GO edition gives you the advantage of offline Nearby Share and Google Play device sharing, which is a data savior, as you no longer need to download sharing applications.

5.) Better Battery Life Optimization

Android 12 Go edition will hibernate your unused applications for a determined time and save the battery of the mobile phone and optimize it accordingly.

6.) Privacy Dashboard And Indicator

It will provide a private dashboard where you can see which applications can access how much of your sensitive data like microphone, camera, and location access.

With such features, Android 12 (Go Edition)  is all set to bring a revolution in the digital industry and going to make things easier for users all around.