Get Video Repair Done with a Prominent Online Tool

Reading Time: 2 minutes

A corrupt video is never an asset and I felt this when my 10GB HD video got altered in no time. I was pissed as it was a great cluster of different important videos like my classroom lectures and some YouTube ones also. 

I had lost my hopes for their recovery, but then one of the friends suggested me to use a video repair tool. But, I was not sure a video repair tool would be able to fix the problem. Then he convinced me through following points-

video repair tool

How can you re-encode your video file?

Using a prominent tool will help you re-encode your video keeping quality and format of your original file-

When do you need to re-encode a video file?

  • When you find your video file to be broken and no video player can read that. The first and foremost to apply in this case is to re-encode the file to see whether the file is fixed or not.
  • When you play your video file on your favorite video player, your file was jittery and glitch. A re-encoding process for a corrupt video file can solve this issue.
  • A popular free video repair tool is specifically built for this problem. When you are using a tool, ensure it is compatible with every operating system, like Windows, Mac, and others. 

How to process video re-encoding for your file?

  • Start with dragging and dropping the corrupt file into the main windows
  • Choose the output path
  • Set the quality setting with no change.
  • Lastly, click the “Re-Encode” button.

How to repair MP4 MOV video files?

If your video file is MP4 MOV, then here are some ways to repair your files-

 Your video repairs file would have got error 0xc00d36c4 or -2048 when you try to open it.

The process to decode your file-

  • Go to the website of the tool.
  • Click on the given button to select your video.
  • Wait till the video gets uploaded. When the video finishes the upload, a new page will automatically open showing the further repair procedure.
  • The tool will scan the corrupt file and will repair it using popular video preset. If it discovers a matching preset, your video will be recovered.  You can play it again.

There various ways to repair a video and it also depends on the type of issue that irritates the video player.