FixedFloat Review: Cryptocurrency Exchange with Lightning Network Support

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FixedFloat - Cryptocurrency Exchange

Crypto is the hottest topic in the market even after all these years. Despite the doubts and hesitancy, the demand for cryptocurrency has only increased among the young and old. The crypto market is thriving with established and new exchanges as more and more people invest in crypto. 

While some exchanges have made a name for themselves, others have gone into oblivion. New exchanges are taking their place to try their luck. Moreover, the crypto market is no longer anonymous or private. When you provide your name, date of birth, and other identifiable information to verify your account, here’s hardly any of the earlier-promised data privacy on the blockchain. 

This led to new crypto exchanges offering better security and privacy. Wouldn’t you like to trade on an exchange where you don’t have to sign up? What if the same crypto exchange happens to be the fastest and reliable platform in the market? 

We are talking about FixedFloat, a relatively young crypto exchange that started in 2018. The exchange has grown tremendously due to its consistent performance and user-friendly interface. 

Overview of FixedFloat

FixedFloat was founded by the leading finance and crypto enthusiasts. It happens to be the first exchange built on the Lightning Network (Bitcoin’s layer-2 solution). FixedFloat is a centralized crypto exchange with headquarters in the Republic of Seychelles. 

It currently supports the topmost thirty-eight cryptocurrencies, though the company is yet to add fiat trading services. FixedFloat is simple, efficient, easy, and fast. The team is always working on adding more cryptocurrencies and reserves to the exchange. 

How to Use FixedFloat 

You can use FixedFloat in three steps, that too without creating an account or signing in to your profile. 

  • Go to the website and select the cryptocurrencies you want to exchange. 
  • Choose between fixed and float exchange rates and scan the QR code of the address to which you want to receive the cryptocurrency.
  • Click on ‘Exchange Now’ and send coins to a wallet on the order page. Then wait for the selected cryptocurrency to be deposited to the address you provided. 

You can scroll down the homepage to see the duration of recent transactions to get a better idea about how long your transaction might take to be completed. 

Highlights of FixedFloat 

FixedFloat is an automated crypto exchange/ swapping platform. It doesn’t hold your cryptocurrency or store them until the next transaction. It is not a custodian platform where you trade crypto with others. Instead, it’s an exchange where you can convert one cryptocurrency to another without exchanging it with another person. 

Fixed and Float Rate 

The biggest advantage of FixedFloat is the choice of the exchange fee. The Fixed option will set the price until the transaction is complete. 

But what if there’s a change in the market price? If the market rate has changed by more than 1.2%, you’ll see a prompt asking if you want to complete the transaction or cancel it and receive a refund. 

The Float option naturally has a lower commission, which you will know only after the transaction is complete. You can either play it safe or follow the market, depending on your risk appetite. 

Customer Service 

One of the reasons for FixedFloat to become so successful in a short time is the customer service provided by the company. The team is active and responds to queries as soon as it can. The live chat on the website works 24*7, which helps many first-time users easily understand the process and use it effectively. 


You do not have to supply any identifying information on the website. You don’t need to register your account and complete the KYC verification to start using the exchange. What if you want to track the transaction? You’ll have to enter your email id for this. You can also enable browser cookies. 

Pros & Cons 


  • Fast crypto trading 
  • No sign-in necessary
  • Fixed and floating exchange rates 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Reliable technical support 


  • Not accessible for US residents 
  • No fiat trading feature 

Final Conclusion

Since FixedFloat is built on the Lightning Network, it facilitates faster, smoother, and safer transactions every time. This helps in maintaining the lower cost of transactions for the users. 

Most transactions on FixedFloat are completed within thirty minutes. If the network traffic is less, the transaction can be done in a couple of minutes or less. The company also offers API services for those who want to automate the transactions.