Fitbit Expected To Launch New Avatar Kids Smartwatch With 4G Connectivity

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A new smartwatch with 4G technology is being designed by Fitbit targeted for the Kids. As reported by Engadget, Fitbit has acquired a Chinese smartwatch brand for the same purpose, named Doki Technologies. Doki Technologies has its expertise in voice and video calling feature enabled smartwatches for kids.  According to the report, Doki Technologies has informed its customers that they will be disconnecting its older devices by 1st July.

Image Source:- Doki Technologies

Fitbit already had its footprints in Kid’s smartwatch segment in the form of Fitbit Ace series launched in 2018 equipped with step recorder, activity minutes and sleep monitoring features. This new device will be a substantial departure from their general offerings. This time they are looking at a much powerful device. The rumoured device will be featuring the following:

  • IP68 water resistance: making it more activity-friendly
  • Voice & Video Calling with 4G over LTE: leading to an alternative to kids carrying smartphones
  • GPS & location services: easier to keep a track of kids and know their current location

There have been no updates on the design yet. But, with such strong features in the device, it is clear that Fitbit is taking Kid’s smartwatch segment seriously. 

Kid’s smartwatch section is still a lot underdeveloped and might be gaining momentum in the near future. Apple is also rumoured to be developing kid’s mode for its Apple watch series 6. If Fitbit can come up with this device in the current raw market, it has definite chances of gaining a larger chunk of the pie. Highly possible, that it will be followed by a tide of new offerings from all the competing brands leading to a new arena for the battle of the wearables.