Find the Right Agency for your Business Project using UnRFP

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Sometimes, outsourcing is the best way to complete a project. Hiring a third-party agency for business projects is hardly a new concept. It became popular in 1989 and has had an upward curve till today. 

Numerous consulting companies and service providers have established themselves as the best in the field. Around 54% of organizations outsource their projects to third-party agencies and consultants. And 78% of the enterprises have a good impression of their outsourced partners. 

But how do organizations and agencies find each other in this competitive market?

How does a business know that an agency is the right choice for its project?

How can the management effectively choose between two agencies and be sure that they made the right decision? 

These questions are tough to answer. Some businesses changed multiple agencies before finding the right one for collaborations. But can a business afford to spend resources on trial and error?

Wouldn’t it be rewarding if things worked the first time? 

For that to happen, there must be a bridge, a platform that brings businesses and agencies together and allow them to find each other. 

unRFP has been developed to serve this purpose on a global scale connecting businesses with technology, design and marketing agencies. Enterprises looking for agencies to outsource projects and agencies searching for more like-minded clients to take up exciting projects can join the platform and meet a whole new set of companies and service providers. 


unRFP was founded by a team of high-level IT professionals with a cumulative experience of more than two and half decades. They have observed the trends in the industry for a long time and decided that the time has come to streamline and bridge the gap between businesses and agencies. With more than half the industry relying on third-party services, it’s become even more essential to find the right agency for the right business need. 

For Agencies 

unRFP gets clients from across many industries, providing a great opportunity for agencies to expand their visibility in the market and find new businesses to work with. B2B marketing becomes all the more effective when an agency is listed as a verified service provider. 

  • The basic listing is for free. Agencies can join the platform without any worries. 
  • There’s a small fee to promote the agency and appear on the top of the relevant search results. This increases the chances of attracting more clients. 
  • Bid on projects posted by clients and contact them to win the project. 
  • Get a list of curated projects right to the inbox. unRFP will filter ‘Requests for Proposals’ by matching the criteria according to your preferences and send the details to your email address. 

For Business Organizations/ Clients  

  • It’s completely free of cost to post a project on UnRFP and find the right agency. The company doesn’t expect any payment even when an agency is finalized or selected through the platform. 
  • Businesses can find agencies dealing with mobile app development, eCommerce, web frameworks, CMS, and programming languages. 
  • The company verifies the agencies and adds labels to their profiles. An agency with such a label is considered a valid and authentic service provider. 
  • Businesses can choose between direct posting and using the assisted services to get help from the unRFP team to find the best agency for their project. 
  • unRFP uses a special algorithm to assess, compare, and list the agencies based on several factors such as domain experience, overall client ratings, number of employees, projects, types of clients, and so on. 

Customized Services 

What if you don’t want to post the details of the project on the platform? What if you want the team to help you choose the agency instead? 

unRFP can be used for personalized assistance as well. The company will send you a questionnaire so that they know what your requirements are. Then the team will screen and shortlist agencies that match the criteria and are a good fit for your project. You can choose from the shortlisted top 5 agencies handpicked for you by unRFP.

The process takes around two weeks so that the team can be thorough in their approach. They take a one-time fee for the same. 

Final Conclusion 

UnRFP helps businesses save time, money, and resources spent on searching for the most suitable agency to take over the project and deliver results on time. Agencies can bid for interesting projects posted on the platform and get to meet new clients. 

The platform works to create a seamless and conducive environment for both parties to facilitate business success. It helps shorten the search-meet-decide cycle and speed up the returns.