How FileHold Document Workflow Feature is Helping Large Organizations

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Organizations today have challenges managing the ever increasing amounts of electronic information coming into or even being created by their own organization.  This information needs to be organized, and often shared to multiple employees. FileHold document management software is designed to securely store and organize this information in a central repository. A powerful feature of the software is the ability to put documents into an electronic workflow for review or approval by multiple team members including the possibility of applying an electronic signature.   

The FileHold Electronic Workflow solution is a key component of the “Paperless Office”.

For faster approvals, you need to go paperless and start using the Electronic Workflow solution.

FileHold document management software has been helping organizations all over the world to complete complex document related workflow and approval tasks. A common use of the workflow and approval feature is processing contractual documents.  Contracts often need to be reviewed by multiple departments including legal. The FileHold workflow module makes it easy to route these contracts to all of the departments who need to review and or approve the document.  It can be securely sent to anyone who has an email address.  Another great use of the workflow module is in Accounts Payable processing.  When an invoice comes into an organization in electronic form (or in paper and is scanned) it is put into the FileHold workflow module for routing the document. Typically, first to the person who originated the purchase to confirm the goods have been received. The user can also add any journal information that may be needed as metadata before sending to the accounting department for payment. 

Instead of going from door to door, seeking signatures, workers can use FileHold’s document workflow and approval module  to move documents around the workplace and receive e-signatures electronically.

Benefits of the Document Workflow and Approval Module

The Document Workflow and Approval module is an optional but complimentary feature of the FileHold document management software. It was designed for organizations that deal with numerous internal processes for task approvals. 

  • No Need to Restart Workflows: In this electronic document workflow module, documents can be reviewed, updated, and sent back to the workflow process. The module also allows metadata to be added to documents while they are in the workflow and even restarted if needed. For instance, if a client wants his supplies to be delivered at a different location, the delivery manager can update the delivery receipt instead of cancelling it or not approving it. This constant chopping and changing of documents unnecessarily extend the workflow period. Of course, this module allows workflows to be restarted if needed. In general, if a document’s lifecycle doesn’t need to be halted to make minor changes, this module gives professionals the option to make their updates with ease.
  • Time-Saving: The workflow module modernizes how companies review and approve documents.  When collaboration between departments is key to getting documents approved the workflow module streamlines the process.  Immediately after a department reviews a document it can be immediately forwarded to the next department for approvals.  The electronic process removes the tedious and time-consuming effort it used to take to move paper based documents through such a process. Companies can save a lot of time and labor by using FileHold’s Document Workflow and Approval module.
  • Flexible:FileHold’s Document Workflow and Approval module is extremely flexible. It is very easy for any user to create straightforward workflows using this tool, it’s not mandatory to do so. The software is flexible enough to enable users to make their workflow procedures as complex as possible. Users can easily configure the workflow templates on this module in many ways. There are two types of tasks that can be initiated using these workflow templates: reviewing a document or approving a document.

When documents need to be reviewed, the module allows other workers or users to share their feedback on the document. When documents need approval, the module allows the formal addition of e-signatures on documents. Participants in the workflow may approve, deny, or postpone the approval process. Documents can even be made ‘unformal’ if needed!  

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  • Very user friendly
  • Fast document search and retrieval
  • Enables work in a paperless environment
  • Audit trail of Approved or Rejected documents 
  • Sends alerts and reminders of workflow status
  • No coding required to create complex workflows

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Final Verdict

FileHold document management software is currently installed on over 30,000 devices. We highly recommend the FileHold Document Review and Approval feature to streamline business processes. FileHold can be installed on your own server or the cloud and runs on your desktop or on any mobile device to manage documents in the office or while on the go.