FAX.PLUS Review 2023: Most Reliable Online Fax Service 

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Online Fax Service

Sending and receiving faxes is common in the business world. Multiple fax messages are sent every day from one office to another. Despite the advancement in technology, businesses seem to be relying on the same old offline methods to send fax messages. 

Why not use online services even for fax? Wouldn’t it be easier to send a fax message from any device? Imagine integrating the fax application with the existing tools. You can directly attach files and send them to the other party, irrespective of your location. 

FAX PLUS offers a secure and compliant enterprise-grade solution to send fax messages online. Let’s review the product in detail. 

FAX PLUS Overview

FAX PLUS is an online fax service provided by Alohi, a Swiss-based company. Founded in 2016, the company develops cutting-edge technologies to provide user-friendly products and services to business organizations and multinational companies. 

It works with organizations from 120 countries and has more than 2,500,000 users around the world. More than 10,000 trees in 2021 were saved by helping businesses switch over to FAX.PLUS. The company has ISO 27001 certification. It is GDPR, CCPA, and HIPPA compliant to ensure high-level data security. 

Security Standard

Features of FAX.PLUS 

1.) Cross-Platform Availability 

FAX PLUS is compatible with different platforms and operating systems. It is available as a web application, a desktop app, and a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. FAX PLUS also works with GSuite and Microsoft Teams. It is compatible with multi-function printers and can work on almost any device. You can download the mobile app on your smartphone and use the online fax service anytime. 

2.) Number Porting 

Do you already have a fax number and want to keep it? FAX PLUS lets you port the current fax number to the new platform and use it seamlessly. The process is simple, stress-free, and cost-effective. You can also get a new fax number (local, international, or toll-free) from forty-eight countries. 

3.) Third-Party Integrations 

Third-party integrations are vital to increase efficiency and reduce workload. FAX PLUS can be integrated with major applications like Google GSuite, Microsoft Teams, Zapier, Slack, etc. The company offers FAX API for large-scale integrations in global organizations. 

4.) Email to Fax

It is now super easy to send emails as fax messages. FAX PLUS is compatible with Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, and other mail servers. You can directly attach the file and send the fax for free. This feature is free to use. Furthermore, you will also get an email or push notification about the status of the fax you sent. 

Get Status Update of Online Fax

5.) MFP Integration 

You can integrate FAX PLUS online fax service with a printer and take a printout of the messages. Since most multi-function printers (MFP) support the scan-to-email feature, it is easy to set up the connection between the online service and the device.  

6.) Resend Failed Faxes 

The company resends failed faxes another time, that too for free. If the fax message fails due to an error, you don’t have to worry about paying for it twice. FAX PLUS will re-submit the message one more time. You can set parameters for the retry option (send it immediately or after a stipulated time). 

FAX.PLUS Pricing 

FAX PLUS is available in four price plans. The company offers a discount of up to 22% with the annual plan (you can get three months free). 

Basic Plan: $6.99/month & $83.99 billed annually (Free Pages 200 per month) – Price Per Extra Page:$0.10

✓ Email to Fax

✓ Receive Fax

✓ One Fax Number

✓ Mobile App

✓ Unlimited Secure Fax Storage

✓ Multiple Fax Recipients

Premium Plan: $13.99/ month & $167.99 billed annually (Free Pages 500 per month) – Price Per Extra Page:$0.07

All features are similar to Basic Plan

Business Plan: $27.99/ month & $335.99 billed annually (Free Pages 1000 per month) – Price Per Extra Page:$0.05

✓ Email to Fax

✓ Receive Fax

✓ One Fax Number

✓ Mobile App

✓ Unlimited Secure Fax Storage

✓ Multiple Fax Recipients

✓ Admin Dashboard

✓ Team Size:- 5 members

✓ Slack Integration

Enterprise Plan: $79.99/ month & $959.99 billed annually (Free Pages 4000 per month) – Price Per Extra Page:$0.03

The enterprise plan has unlimited team size and access to all features like Zapier integration, Single Sign-on, API, priority support, data residency, and advanced security controls. 

You can also ask for custom enterprise solutions. The team will create a flexible price plan to suit your requirements. 

FAX PLUS Customer Reviews

Customer reviews
Customer reviews

Final Words

This online fax service is scalable and can be used by a business of any size. The product has advanced features like a centralized admin, single sign-on, use of multiple fax numbers, and keeping track of the messages you send through the analytical dashboard. From scheduling fax messages to getting notifications and confirmation messages, it offers extensive features useful for corporate companies. 

FAX PLUS is used by leading companies like IBM, Philips, Airbus, Chanel, etc. Harvard University also uses FAX PLUS as one of its communication channels. Contact the company for a free demo.