10 Lesser-Known Facts about World’s Richest Man Jeff Bezos

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The world is raving about the crazy wealth Jeff Bezos holds and how he surpassed the wealthiest man on the earth to top the Forbes list. However, there are other hidden facts about him which very few people know. From his birth and starting career to becoming the Amazon CEO and world’s richest man, we have all the lesser-known facts about Jeff Bezos.

1. Jeff Bezos is not his real name

Born Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen, Jeff Bezos’ biological father was Ted Jorgensen. Deriving his name from his stepfather Mike Bezos, Bezos takes him as his natural father.

2. Early Career

Bezos started his journey from telecom and banking sector and served as D. E. Shaw’s fourth senior vice-president till the age of 30 before starting Amazon.

3. Amazon.com started as an online bookstore

Bezos founded Amazon in 1994 as an online bookstore before expanding to a variety of products and services.

4. The reason behind naming “Amazon”

Bezos named his startup after the Amazon River in South America and also because the name contains the letter A and Z, meaning the store will have everything under its umbrella.

5. Bezos drove Honda Accord

Bezos hung his clothes in his Amazon HQ and drove a 1996 Honda Accord. 

6. Washington Post owner

Back in 2013, Bezos purchased the 142-year-old Washington Post newspaper for $250 million. 

7. Founder of Blue Origin

Bezos founded Blue Origin, a human spaceflight company, in September 2000. He has an immense interest in space travel and solar system. 

8. Got in Forbes list in 1999

Bezos was way early registered in the Forbes list of worlds richest in 1999.

9. Topped Forbes list by surpassing Bill Gates

Bezos, worth $131 billion, surpassed the richest Gates of Microsoft to become the wealthiest man on the earth.

10. Bezos’s Philanthropic Contribution

Bezos gave $1 million to the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press on May 23, 2017.