Face ID for Mac? macOS Big Sur suggests Apple is taking a closer look

Reading Time: 2 minutes
FaceID Mac
  • Code on macOS Big Sur references the TrueDepth camera which isn’t available currently
  • As per 9to5Mac, Face ID is expected to be the next big update for Mac
  • With Apple planning to prepare its own chips in the future, launching custom features such as Face ID will get easier for the tech giant

Face ID is already a common feature available on the iPhone and iPad. But when it comes to Mac you still have to key in your password, or, tune in your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac, or, maybe use Touch ID to unlock it with your fingerprint. But as per the latest news reported in 9to5Mac’s blog, Face ID will be soon launched in the beta version of Apple’s macOS Big Sur later this year. 

As per the blog, they have discovered codes titled ‘FaceDetect’ and ‘BioCapture’ referencing Apple’s TrueDepth camera. This is what enables the Face ID in devices like iPhone 11 and iPad Pro. The neural technology, which is fundamental to the way Face ID works, has never been included in Mac so far. 

Apple introduced the Face ID on its iPhone in 2017 and on its iPad in 2018. Mac is the only major product in its portfolio that yet doesn’t support this feature. With Apple designing its own processors for the Mac instead of Intel in the future, it can easily accommodate custom features such as Face ID on its laptops and computers. And if this feature becomes a reality, then it could unlock your devices for augmented reality applications that map your face. Given that the progress of this feature is the same as it happened for Touch ID, it is reasonable to expect the Face ID to come soon to the Mac.