DirEqual Review – Compare and Sync folders on your Mac

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Compare Mac Folders

Mac users who constantly send and receive files often end up with two folders with almost similar contents. The lazy option is to store both folders and unnecessarily cause storage problems. The more difficult option is to go through each file and manually decide which ones need to be retained. While dealing with folders containing hundreds of files, the second option is highly impractical. While a file’s ‘date of creation’ helps differentiate them, these dates don’t tell you anything about the file’s contents.

This is where file comparison tools help Mac users. DirEqual is an amazing folder comparison tool for Mac that makes it tremendously easy to compare files and folders. The tool displays evaluated directories side-by-side. Users can see the files’ sizes and dates. They can also see any differences between the two folders highlighted in colors or icons. After recognizing which files are unique to each folder, they can copy those items and delete the files that are in both the folders.

With DirEqual, users can directly select identical files from both folders and send them to a common folder. The tool allows users to compare the contents of the file. After a file has been assessed, the tool automatically marks it so that users can know how many files remain to be checked.


DirEqual at a Glance

Product Name: DirEqual


Website: naarakstudio.com

Pricing :- DirEqual available for you in ‘Single user license’ , ‘Small Business License’ and ‘Site License’

  • Single User License ( $12.95)

License for 1 user with free lifetime upgrades on your Mac machine, only one-time purchase.

  • Small Business License ($49)

License for 5 Macs with free life time upgrades on your Mac machine, only one time purchase.

  • Site License ($99)

Install DirEqual on unlimited Macs. Big Organisation or Institute can take a benefit of this.

Platform: Users must have macOS 10.10 or later to use DirEqual

Customer Support:Online support via the app’s official website

DirEqual is one of the most advanced directory compare tools for Mac users. What makes it different from most file comparing tools is that it spots the tiniest of differences between folders. The results are easy to read and understand as they’re highlighted with colors.

Key Features of DirEqual Folder Comparison Tool

1.Expandable Trees

DirEqual shows compared folders side-by-side as ‘expandable trees.’ Users can click on these expandable trees to preview folder content. Users don’t need to open and check each file. They can preview each folder, check the differences (highlighted with colors), and copy/delete the files they need.

2. Easy to Copy/Delete Files

To copy/delete files on DirEqual, users simply need to click on individual files and select whichever action they deem appropriate. The comparison process takes on a few minutes. Users can even drag and drop the files they want to keep from one folder to another.

3. Auto Synchronization

Both folders can be automatically synchronized. After deciding whether to copy or delete unique files, users can click the ‘execute’ button, and DirEqual will automatically synchronize the two folders.  

4. Work-Friendly

DirEqual is designed for professional use. Since professionals usually deal with multiple folders with the same names and creation dates, file comparison is a major hassle for them. With DirEqual’s easy to use interface, the process of comparing two folders’ contents has never been easier. DirEqual automatically remembers all the compared folders in the past. Users can quickly reload these past comparisons. The tool also provides intuitive graphs to demonstrate detailed results of the comparison process.

Is DirEqual Worth the Money?

Users receive a complete license of DirEqual and free upgrades forever for just $12.95. Compared to other similar tools, it’s the most cost-effective option for Mac users. The Small Business license worth $49 is also quite cheap as it allows users to install DirEqual on five separate devices. Overall, DirEqual is quite cost-efficient.

Pros of DirEqual

  • A side-by-side view of folders while comparing makes it easy to see the contents of each folder.
  • Auto synchronization saves a lot of time.
  • DirEqual remembers folders that have been compared in the past; users can quickly reload these results.
  • The graphical displays of results are very easy to read.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Responsive customer support team.
  • Allows users to drag and drop files.


  • Only available for Mac users

Final Conclusion

DirEqual will certainly boost the productivity levels of any professional. It’s the best tool for Mac users who want to compare, sync, or merge files and folders in a hassle-free and fast manner.