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Samsung Foldable Smartphone

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Samsung foldable phone has come up as the longest leap in the mobile industry this year. Everyday some or the mobile company is entering with many new inventions, technology, specification but it’s time to welcome a hardcore thing in the market.

All about Samsung foldable phone 

Samsung has just given a quick look about the Smartphone but there is no clear view of the same in order to comprehend its designs and specs in a clear way.

  • It is still known as Samsung foldable phone as the name has not been decided yet. There are discussions going on among the following names such as Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Flex and Galaxy F.
  • It is expected to be equipped with three cameras but the megapixels are not known.
  • The expected ones are 12 MP for the primary and 8 MP for the front camera.
  • It will come with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8150.
  • The display size will be 7.3 inches OLED screen with a smaller cover display.
  • The expected color of the new Samsung Smartphone is Silver
  • As per the released prototype, the Smartphone folds in the form of a book with minimal efforts in vertical axis.
  • The date of the launch of Samsung foldable phone is expected to be in the earliest half of 2019.
  • Seeing the features, technology and the classic design, we can easily anticipate that the price of the phone is really going to be sky scrapping. Though, the price has not been disclosed till date, but it is supposed to be around 1800$.

Final words

In the last days, a few foldable smartphones were launched but were not successful for some or the other mistakes. Even in the prospects one of the Chinese mobile Companies is on the underway with a foldable Smartphone named FlexPai.

Is it going to be the best Smartphone of 2019? Will check later

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