Dataslayer Review 2023: An Alternative to Supermetrics (Automate your Reports) (Updated)

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Dataslayer - An alternative to Supermetrics

Data and analytics are important for every business. It has been found that 90% of the corporate strategies will mention data as a critical organizational asset by 2022. Analytics play a vital role in making better decisions for the enterprise. In fact, more than 75% of executives agree that the availability of data and its analytics will help enterprises adopt AI to increase sales and returns.

In short, the future success of a business lies in how well data is collected, processed, and used to make necessary business decisions based on accurate reports and insights. But how do small and medium scale businesses gather data from multiple sources? 

While social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc., offer analytics directly on the page, data still needs to be collected at one place for further processing. Companies have been using Supermetrics for this purpose. It was the first platform to allow business owners to collect marketing data from several platforms and export it to Google Sheets or Google Data Studio. 

However, Supermetrics has become an expensive choice, and small business owners started to look for other options. That’s how Dataslayer entered the scene. 

Overview of Dataslayer 

Dataslayer was created by a Spanish software company as an alternative to Supermetrics. The platform soon gained popularity and is now officially the #1 Supermatrics alternative in the market. 

Dataslayer has been developed for businesses and marketing agencies to collect data from various sources and save them to Google Sheets or create visualization reports in Google Data Studio. The easy-to-use interface and cost-effective pricing have attracted several businesses to migrate to Dataslayer. 

We use the word ‘migrate’ because, unlike other platforms, moving to Dataslayer doesn’t mean starting from scratch. The reports generated in Supermetrics can be imported and used in Dataslayer. Imagine the time saved here! Businesses can continue from where they left. 

What else makes Dataslayer the best alternative for Supermetrics

Let’s know about some of the features of Dataslayer. 

Highlights and Features of Dataslayer 

Dataslayer currently intergrates data from Facebook, YouTube, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google DV360, Microsoft Advertising, Criteo, BigQuery, and DCM. The platform is continuously updating and working on to add more sources to help business owners. 

Dataslayer for Google Sheets 

Google Sheets

This is perfect for advanced reporting in many ways. It is fast and easy to use. Agencies can customize the reports and automatically update new data to the Sheets by scheduling refreshes. 

Monitoring the marketing campaigns is now easy with Dataslayer. The flexibility of Google Sheets and the ease of Dataslayer add-on simplify the process of creating and customizing reports for marketing campaigns.


Google Sheets
Dataslayer Plugin
Dataslayer screen1
Dataslayer screen2

Dataslayer for Google Data Studio 

Google Data Studio 

The best way to use the Data Studio dashboards is to integrate it with Dataslayer and import all data in minutes. Create visualizations in less time and combine metrics from multiple sources in one place. 

Schedule refreshes and automates data collection so that the dashboards show the latest information. The platform is set to soon connect with LinkedIn for data collection. 

Dataslayer Pricing 

Depending on the plan, Dataslayer is around 20-80% cheaper and cost-effective than Supermetrics. Not only that, Dataslayer has a forever-free plan for startups with small budgets. 

DataSlayer Pricing

The pricing model is as follows-

For Google Sheets: 

  • Forever Free Plan- all data sources, unlimited reports, and multiple logins. 10 API calls per day.
  • Small Agency- $59/ year; all features of free plan with 100 API calls per day, importing data from Supermetrics, online support, and scheduled refresh. 
  • Medium Agency- $99/ year; all features of Small Agency plan with 250 API calls per day and hourly scheduled refresh. 
  • Large Agency $299/ year; all features of Medium Agency plan with 1,000 API calls per day. 

For Google Data Studio:

  • Forever Free Plan– all data sources, unlimited reports, and multiple logins. 40 API calls per day.
  • Small Agency- $59/ year; all features of free plan with 1,000 API calls per day, online support, and scheduled refresh. 
  • Medium Agency $99/ year; all features of Small Agency plan with 2,500 API calls per day. 
  • Large Agency $299/ year; all features of Medium Agency plan with 10,000 API calls per day.

Get a discount of 22% by opting for the annual billing. Dataslayer also offers a 15-days free trial to check out the features of the Large Agency plan. Cool, right? 

Pros and Cons of Dataslayer


✓ Simple, fast and reliable reporting automation tool

✓ Easy integration with popular platforms

✓ Free version to try but with limited features

✓ Quick response from support if you need any help

✓ Affordable alternative to Supermetrics


✕ Some platforms are still missing for example (Apple search ads)

Final Conclusion 

Dataslayer has captured the market because of the efficient support services offered by the team and the continuous development of the platform. New features and services are being added to the platform to make it better than Supermetrics in all possible ways. 

Considering that Dataslayer is a younger and relatively newer platform, its growth has been noteworthy, and the credit goes to the overall quality of services. Dataslayer is a useful and effective platform for business owners and marketing agencies.