Cyberlab Ultimate Review – The Best PC Optimizer in the Market

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Nowadays, everyone is suffering from the problem of unwanted programs, spyware, cookies, junk files, etc., making their PCs run super-slow. There are many PC optimization and security tools in the market. But, not many of them are trustworthy. One of the few trustworthy PC optimization tools in the market is Cyberlab. This tool has been helping millions of PC users make their devices super-fast since 2004. Cyberlab clears junk files, resolves registry problems, tracks suspicious cookies, eliminates spyware and bloatware to optimize PCs.

Cyberlab at a Glance 

• Product Name – Cyberlab and Cyberlab Ultimate

• Company Name – Cyberlab Technologies

• Product Type – Digital Download

• Compatible With – Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10

• Founded In – 2004, United States

• Founder – Carl Haugen

• Price – Cyberlab Pro costs $29.95; (Use on five computers) & a free version is also available

• Warranty – 60-day money-back guarantee

• Payment Method – Paypal, credit card, or debit card

• Website –

• Customer Support –

Standout Features of the Cyberlab Optimization Tool

Zookaware features
  1. Supports Both Manual and Automatic Scans

Cyberlab automatically removes any security threats to the PC. Be it spyware or unwanted applications, Cyberlab always ensures there’s enough disk space on the PC. During these scans, the optimization tool also tracks cookies and resolves common registry errors.

2. Guarantees Super-Fast PC Experience

There are some unwanted applications that even antivirus software tools can’t fix. The pop-up ads, unnecessary content, etc., from unwanted programs, make computers a lot slower.Cyberlab eliminates these problematic programs. The tool constantly adds these programs to its database every 24 hours, so PCs are never slow when Cyberlab is installed. For instance, the tool comes with a real-time Uninstaller Monitor that observes programs after they’re uninstalled. If there are any leftover files not deleted by the uninstaller, Cyberlab notifies the user immediately.  

3. Improvements in Internet Speed

Often many programs sneakily keep running and consuming internet data in the background. These programs are constantly tracked and disabled by this optimization tool. The overall internet browsing experience is improved.

4. Resolves System Issues

Cyberlab’s System Report section is designed to optimize PCs in every way possible. Be it harmful spyware or unnecessary browser plugins – no unwanted element ever hampers a PC’s performance once Cyberlab is installed. Any plugin or program that’s deemed problematic by the optimization tool is instantly removed or flagged. The PC’s overall health is always the tool’s first priority. For instance, Cyberlab registry tune-up tool constantly defrags the PC’s registry, optimizing it on a constant basis.

5. Updates

Since 2004, Cyberlab has doled out countless updates for free. New malware are added to their database daily to stay up to date with the latest security threats.  For instance, recently, numerous PC Optimizer tools have started aggressively advertising their services via misleading pop-ups and bundling software. Cyberlab never engages in such deceptive practices.

Instead, the American optimization tool keeps a check on the suspicious activities of these software tools and your privacy. For instance, many users of the famous cleaning tool CCleaner recently complained about the company collecting their data without consent.

Cyberlab secures your privacy by never recording anything you do on your computer and never sells or shares your data.

6. Customer Support

Cyberlab’s innovative email-based customer support has been replicated by many tech companies. Still, the company continues to lead the software market in providing seamless customer support, offering responses to customer queries within 30 minutes on average.

Cyberlab Ultimate users get day-to-day support from the company’s America-based customer support team via live chats or emails. The company guarantees to respond to all user queries within 24 hours or less.

Is Cyberlab Ultimate Pro Worth It?

At first glance, the $29.95/year price tag does seem excessive. But, for the little yearly payment, Cyberlab Ultimate users get to optimize up to five computers. Essentially, the Cyberlab Ultimate pack is designed for families or groups of friends. All existing features on Cyberlab’s free version become automated in the Pro version. The spyware scanning, removal of unwanted programs, and daily updates are much faster in the Pro version. Of course, there’s the added lure of receiving daily customer support from the company’s American-based support team. At $29.95 per year (and a 60-day money-back guarantee), Cyberlab Ultimate is the most cost-effective professional PC optimization tool in the market.


• Massive improvements in computer speed.

• Ensures PCs last for longer periods.

• Users don’t have to work too much with this tool, thanks to the automatic scans and free updates.

• Daily customer and spyware updates

• Keeps browsers cookie-free and hard disks junk-free

• Cyberlab has high standards when it comes to user privacy and security. The company has strict policies against tracking user data.

• Software updates every two to four weeks with improved security features.

• User-friendly interface.


• Not available on smartphones or Mac devices

Is it the Best? 

With over 450,000 Facebook fans and a stellar track record since 2004, it’s hard to argue that Cyberlab isn’t the best PC optimization tool in the market! Also A+ rating from Better Business Bureau

Do I Recommend Cyberlab?

Yes you can buy the ultimate version of Cyberlab

I assure that you can’t find any tool better then Cyberlab in $29.95/yearly for upto 5 computers. Easy and simple programs to optimize your PCs

If you are using any other PC optimization tool then let us know in the comments.