CryptX Terminal: Trade with Confidence

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Cryptocurrency investments are hugely popular these days because of the potential for large returns. Just 10 years ago, traders had very few resources available to help make smart investments, but times have changed. Now there are numerous trading bots and apps users have access to. However, not all of them are trustworthy or credible.

CryptX Terminal is a secure trading platform featuring bots that traders can use for crypto trading and investing.

What is CryptX Terminal?


Founded in 2018 by Joseph Bolkvadze, CryptX Terminal is the ultimate quick-fix for users who want to do all of their cryptocurrency trading in one place. CryptX Terminal connects to multiple exchanges for market arbitrage, portfolio analytics, and backtesting. This review will show you how CryptX Terminal can help you achieve your trading goals.

How Does CryptX Terminal Works?

Simply activate your account with just a valid e-mail address. From the outset, you can start trading different cryptos from a single window. True to its name, CryptX Terminal is a one-stop platform for all your trading needs. You can configure and launch bots and seize opportunities based on trading signals.

Still Confused About How to Manage All Your Cryptos from One Desk?

A crypto trader is always on the lookout for a single desk where all trading requirements can be met. By exploring the features and benefits of CryptX Terminal you will understand how this single desk model fits your needs.

Features of CryptX Terminal:

1). Trading Signals

One of the biggest advantages of CryptX Terminal is its trading view, which can be configured to show nearly any trading signal you can imagine. Arbitrage alerts will also let you know when to jump on profitable opportunities.

2). Supports Major Exchanges:

Most traders have accounts on more than one exchange, as each one offers different fees and coins. CryptX Terminal supports the 10 most popular exchanges, allowing you to easily compare them at any time.








#8. OKEX



3). Robust Arbitrage Trading

With multiple exchanges, you can set up a bot to follow the prices on more than one exchange. It will buy low and sell high at the same time whenever it can, guaranteeing you a profit.

4). Relocate and Manage Funds

Managing a crypto portfolio is a hectic task. CryptX Terminal makes this easier by giving a full view of everything you own, and access to quick trades to move funds whenever you need to.

5). Configure Bots with your Rules and Trading Limits

Auto-trading bots are a popular concept right now among crypto investors. Humans can’t watch the markets 24×7. Today’s world is all about artificial intelligence and technological advances. With CryptX Terminal, you set the limits and rules for trades, and the bots will automatically do the work on your account.

6). Regulate Profit and Loss:

You no longer need to constantly think about maintaining a profit margin or hedging against a huge loss. CryptX Terminal does it efficiently for you with a P&L feature built into each bot.

7). Navigation (Can Beginner Understand CryptX Terminal Trading?)

Beginners need a platform that is user-friendly and easy to get around. CryptX Terminal lets you browse hassle-free and without fear. An extensive support site documents all of the features, and demonstrates how to configure each bot in detail.

8). Prepare Future Blueprint with KPI and Reporting:

Good reports and KPIs are powerful tools for understanding past performance across accounts. Using these resources will help you prepare a useful blueprint for making more profitable crypto trades in the future

Cryptx Terminal Pricing

Based on your trading requirement and strategies you can choose any of the plan, no credit card or payment information required

1.) Starter Plan (100% Free)

• One Account
• Two Exchanges
• $10,000 Monthly Trading Volume
• One Active Bot
• One Backtest Per day
• Monthly Period KPI
• Standard Support

2.) Advanced Plan ($37 )

• Unlimited Accounts
• 10+ Exchanges
• $100,000 Monthly Trading Volume
• Ten Active Bots
• One Hundred Backtests Per day
• Yearly KPI Reporting
• Standard Support

3.) Professional Plan ($74 )

• Unlimited Accounts
• 10+ Exchanges
• Unlimited Monthly Volume
• Unlimited Active Bots
• One Thousand Backtests Per day
• Lifetime KPI Reporting
• Dedicated VIP Support

Is CryptX Terminal Safe?

Managing various wallets and assets across different exchanges can be complicated, requiring advanced features and a high level of trust. CryptX Terminal is very safe for users because they do not have direct access to your exchange wallets, operating only through each exchange’s API key, which users control themselves directly on each exchange.

Final Conclusion

Building advanced bots to analyze and determine future returns of investment possibilities is more or less effortless for traders using CryptX Terminal. Plan your complete trading strategy with the help of these market trend bots on CryptX Terminal for compelling results.