What are the cool smartphone gadgets of 2018 - Latest tech gadgets -

What are the cool smartphone gadgets of 2018 – Latest tech gadgets

Smartphone Gadgets of 2018

In today’s era no one can live without gadgets and 2017 is declared as the “Year of Gadgets“. Technology plays a major role in reducing stress of today’s youth and add a mental piece by keeping you busy all the time.These latest smartphone gadgets plays a vital role in improving your life, reducing human effort and saving a time.

Today we selected and done a review of 5 best smartphone gadgets that are supercool and you  should immediately buy without even thinking for a minute.

1. Watermelon Power Bank

Expecting a important business call or getting a call from your family but phone goes off suddenly and you can’t do anything.Don’t you think you need a cool cheap gadget to charge your smartphone instantly ? Now no need to worry any more as we have bought this smart power bank of 2018 to save you at every occasions.


This 2500mAH battery fancy gadget can almost charge your smartphone twice so that you can do unlimited chat with your friends, play videos and enjoy music for a longer period of time. An Led Display notifies you about the remaining charging.

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2. Vaux for Amazon Echo Dot

A trusted portable speaker which is small in size but the quality and features of this smart speaker is really amazing and you could not stop yourself from buying this wireless speaker which has an exceptional sound quality.


I must say that this gadget is really stylish hence your friends might get jealous from you.Standing out from the crowd of speakers it’s sleek and smart design will definitely make you buy.


  • List a high quality music with this battery powered speaker
  • A cool cheap gadget
  • Dual 52mm drivers for quality sound and bass.
  • Plugin your phone or tablet directly into 3.5 mm jack  

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3. Grip Strip

This is one of the innovative and essential smartphone accessories that can hold anything without a magnet or any sticky glue called Grip Strip. I used this at my office, home and wherever i go i take this beautiful gadget with me.


Made from  revolutionary polymer compound Grip Strip uses advanced silicone material grips to hold anything without any support.

Just place it anywhere in your home, office or wall and see the magic of this silent gadget which has the power to hold anything.

Grip strip demo

It has no effect of water, high temperature and sunlight and no glue, magnet, nor any sticky fluid – it’s just a grip which can hold sunglasses, smartphone, keys,pen and many more.

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4. Cute Mobile Projector

Connecting a projector sometimes sucks and you have to start connecting at least 10 minutes before your presentation.Say “good bye” to those old technology machine and start using a portable projector which can be your good companion especially when you are on business trip or with a family vacation.


This light weighted 2×2 inches big cube mobile projector is absolutely a much needed smartphone gadget for you especially when you have to travel for business purpose.

The cube comes with a powerful 50 lumen LED bulb that projects a bright and clear image upto 120 degree wide.

Watch a movie or your popular tv shows and get the cinematic experience with this cute mobile projector whose battery lasts for 90 mins.

Connect a device with your phone, tablet and gaming console.


  1. A flexible tripod stand with adaptors to charge a battery and control all functions via remote.
  2. Perfect gadget for techy person.
  3. Light weight hence you can take anywhere.
  4. Prepare a killer presentation or watch a movie with this cute projector
  5. Cinematic experience was absolutely incredible with this cute device.
  6. Turn any screen into 120 inch.

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5. Mini Karaoke Microphone

Are you passionate about music and love to sing then don’t need to wait anymore for singing.Puts Karaoke Microphone in the palm of your hand ,start singing the song of your choice and upload the video on youtube to let your deal ones know about your talent.

Mini Karaoke Microphone

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  • Easily hold karoke in the palm of your hands.
  • Do phone calls and recording very easily.
  • Perfect for family function, party bash and giving a speech.
  • Plug into your smartphone and start singing

Final Conclusion

We are using the above 5 cool smartphone gadgets at our home and office which are making our everyday life easier and somehow reducing the workload as machines always reduces human effort hence you should try these fancy and cool cheap gadgets once.