Compass Wave Review 2024: Estimate and Lead Generation Tool for Greater Business Efficiency (Updated)

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Cleaning and moving companies are in high demand in today’s fast-paced world. However, companies need to use the latest technology to convert market demand into business and profits. How do you know if the website visitor is a potential client?  

Compass Wave is the answer. It is an online estimate and lead generation tool that sends instant estimates to customers. You ask customers a set of questions, and the tool will calculate the rates based on the answers to provide a professional-looking estimate. There’s no need to sit down and manually add numbers to create an estimate. Compass Wave will do it for you. 

Let’s read more about the tool and how it works to help your business. 


Developed by Eco York which was founded in 2009 but Compass Wave was first developed in 2010. Compass Wave has been developed to help residential cleaning and domestic service maid companies deal with an array of clients. It collects customer data, identifies potential leads, and sends instant estimates to customers when they provide information about the type of service they require. 

Features of Compass Wave 

Compass Wave offers web-based services through the cloud. From scheduling appointments with customers to sending them invoices, accepting payments, tracking dues, sending reminders, etc., the tool can streamline different backend processes and save resources for a growing business. 

1.) Generate Leads

Capture leads via your website or by doing social media marketing using your own customizable embedded widget.

Estimate widget
Cleaning service estimate

2.) Third-Party Integrations 

Compass Wave can be integrated with different software and applications to streamline all your backend processes. It works great with Zapier, SendJim, Nice Job, Stripe, etc., to reduce the workload on your employees and save time. 

3.) Customization 

Compass Wave makes it easy to customize the interface through its drag-and-drop feature. You can also customize the form created for leads by adding and deleting questions depending on your business requirements. Add different types of questions to provide an accurate estimate based on customers’ answers. 

4.) Email Notifications 

Get an email notification or alert every time a potential customer creates an estimate to hire your services. You can directly interact with them to increase the conversion rate. 

5.) Quick Quote Tool

Generate quotes in sixty seconds, be it in person or through the phone. Don’t let your customers wait too long. Faster responses enhance customer experience and inspire greater loyalty toward your business. 

6.) Customer Database 

Compass Wave automatically creates a customer database for you to track, monitor, and update. Manage your leads, customers, and estimates from the same interface, and send payment notifications, invoices, etc. 

7.) Multi-Industry Compatible 

Though Compass Wave started with cleaning companies, the tool has been upgraded to help businesses from various other industries. Service providers like moving companies, pest control businesses, landscaping companies, and paving companies can use the tool.

For example, a moving company can use Compass Wave to save time and generate high-quality leads. It sends instant estimates and can be integrated with CRM systems to update customer information. 

8.) Customer Support 

The company offers excellent customer support to clients. The support team is accessible 24*7 and helps with setting up the tool, integrations, and customization. You can contact them for assistance with any issue regarding the tool, and they’ll sort it out as soon as possible. 

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Compass Wave offers two simple price plans and a limited-period free trial. The company also offers a free demo. 

Compass Wave pricing

Monthly Plan: $49 each month

Annual Plan: $359 per year 

Pros & Cons 


✓ Maintains a database of contact information 

✓ Generates estimates right away  

✓ Can add custom questions 

✓ Increases lead conversion ratio 

✓ Higher ROI guaranteed

✓ Helpful customer support 


✗ It may require watching the demo videos during initial setup

Final Words 

Compass Wave can be easily set up with your website or Facebook pages. The tool starts working immediately afterward and sends accurate estimates to leads and customers. It is quick, easy, and straightforward to use. 

Boost your business with Compass Wave by automating lead generation, estimates, and invoicing. Get higher profits by spending fewer resources. The tool is used by various SMBs in the service market. Check out the official website to sign up for a free demo.