COINZILLA REVIEW 2020 : Crypto and Finance Advertising Network for Advertisers & Publishers

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Coinzilla is one of the best advertising networks from the crypto industry which was founded in November 2016 and has its headquarters in Romania. If you have a crypto niche website and would like to promote your work, then look no further. This is the best ad network that provides you high quality targeted traffic and is perfect for small publishers and advertisers. 

What is Coinzilla ?

Coinzilla is a well-known network for finance and cryptocurrency advertising to help you monetize your websites. It certainly aids the delivery of targeted finance and crypto ads and generate huge income eventually. You will easily have a noticeable boost in your revenue when availing Coinzilla’s amazing services. In addition to increased quality traffic from all over the globe courtesy their anti-fraud feature, Coinzilla provides appealing benefits like multiple pay-out options, 24hrs live support, live campaign tracker to track live impressions, clicks, leads etc. 

The best and most attractive features of Coinzilla

Coinzilla offers its multitude of impressive features to advertisers as well as publishers.

Coinzilla for Advertisers

  • Customize your campaigns: Coinzilla enables you to put your own spin to your campaign and personalise the campaign’s creative and targeting settings. 
  • Reach relevant and qualitative traffic: With the help of Coinzilla’s campaign manager, set up advertising campaigns for the right audience across hundreds of industry websites. Their highly skilled creative teams are ready to whip up successful campaigns for your websites with minimum effort from your end.

Coinzilla for Publishers

  • Enjoy varied Ad formats ideal for publishers: Coinzilla offers an array of formats for ads like classic banners, Native Ads, Header Banner, Pop-Under as well as Sticky Banner. Each of the formats has its own set of advantages that would boost your product the best. 
  • Avail their adjustable budget facility: You also have the option of trying out Coinzilla’s services on a smaller budget and move on to their premium services based on its performance.

How can you avail Coinzilla services?

Coinzilla is super efficient and completely focussed on providing you excellent experience and maximizing your generated revenue. You need to sign up for an advertising account and verify your email address to avail all their exciting services.

Publisher Approval Criteria

Coinzilla has specific requirements for publishers

  1. Website must not be hosted on free hosting platform such as
  2. The website must have at least 3 months of constant activity
  3. You must have a professional good looking website

The reasonable pricing models of Coinzilla

The working model of the network is based on CPM. They extend various marketing strategies for editors. They mainly depend on the performance and content of the website. There is an update in the statistics in every 5 minutes and payments are provided every day. They also offer the largest filling prices to ensure that none of your traffic goes unsold.

Coinzilla Marketplace 

Coinzilla created a marketplace where you can buy cypto press releases and sponsored articles. They have done a partnership with a leading websites in the crypto and finance world that helps you to get the exposure you are looking for.

Closing Remarks: Is it recommended? A Big Yes!

In terms of value for money, Coinzilla is ideal for publishers and advertisers who want to grow quickly. They offer premium quality services and help you increase your Ad revenue and also helps you track impressions, clicks, leads etc. With hundreds of websites using their facilities, Coinzilla has built up a reputation for its quality and performance and has the ability to match up to your requirements.