Coinspad Review 2024:- Bitcoin Payment Processing Gateway and Business Crypto Wallet

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Even though cryptocurrency has become popular in many countries, it still doesn’t have the same reach as fiat currency. Users and merchants/ vendors find it hard to make/ receive crypto payments with the existing systems. 

However, companies like CoinsPaid are helping customers and businesses bridge the gap. The company offers crypto payment solutions that help merchants accept crypto payments from customers in the same way they accept fiat payments. Let’s look at the various services and solutions offered by CoinsPaid to facilitate crypto transactions for B2C and B2B clients. 

Overview of Coinspad

CoinsPaid is an Estonian company operating under Dream Finance OU. It offers personal wallets ad crypto payment services for B2C clients from around the world. CoinsPaid reduces costs and helps clients reach more markets. The company’s mission is to simplify crypto payments and provide seamless crypto payment solutions to businesses that want to accept payments in cryptocurrency. It is secure, reliable, and user-friendly. 

Services Offered by CoinsPaid 

CoinsPaid offers all that a merchant needs to accept and process crypto payments. From a hot wallet to store the payments to a payment processing platform, an OTC platform, and white label services for the customization, CoinsPaid has a complete package for businesses that want to offer crypto payment options to their customers. 

→  Crypto Exchange and OTC 

The company offers a crypto exchange and OTC desk for businesses that want to enter the crypto market. The exchange accepts more than thirty cryptocurrencies and exchanges to more than twenty fiat currencies. The OTC desk is available for businesses that deal with more than 500K Euros in crypto transactions. Being an EU-licensed company makes CoinsPaid one of the most reliable crypto service providers in the market. 

→  Hot Wallet 

A hot wallet is an electronic storage space for cryptocurrencies. It is always connected to the internet to allow faster transactions. However, hot wallets are at a higher risk of being hacked. CoinsPaid has taken special care to ensure the security of hot wallets. Leading antivirus companies like 10Guards and Kaspersky Labs have verified the claims in their audits. 

Moreover, merchants can add addresses to the whitelist and set limits on the transactions/ amounts to prevent fraud. Every transaction goes through two approval levels before it is finalized. This allows the merchants to check the transaction fee and determine if they want to complete the transaction or abort it. Another advantage of CoinsPaid’s services is that the funds are stored in cold storage, but transactions are made through the hot wallet. Merchants don’t have to worry about their funds being exposed to cybercriminals. 

→  CoinsPaid Explorer 

The CoinsPaid Explorer is a transparent crypto search engine. It allows users to search for crypto transactions without compromising or revealing the personal information of the parties involved. The Explorer has 81944 transactions listed (as on the day we wrote the review). You can search for a transaction to check its status if you know the transaction ID, amount and currency used, or the date and time when the transaction was done.

→ White Label Services 

CoinsPaid white label services are offered to merchants and entrepreneurs who wish to establish their own crypto payment business. The company offers scalable and flexible services that allow business owners to customize the solution to suit their requirements. Business owners can focus on growing the brand while CoinsPaid takes care of the backend work, including legal and compliance support and marketing services. 

→  Payment Gateway 

The payment gateway belongs to, another company that operates under Dream Finance OU, alongside CoinsPaid. While CoinsPaid focuses on B2C clients, deals with B2B clients. Businesses can save around 80% on transaction fees by integrating the crypto payment gateway offered by the company. CoinsPaid claims that it is an ideal payment processor for the Forex industry. It offers multicurrency support, provides detailed reports, and allows multi-account management. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Easy integrations 
  • Fast and easy 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Moderate transaction fees
  • Integrated anti-fraud systems 
  • Customization 
  • Reliable customer support 


  • Supports only English language 

Final Words

CoinsPaid can be used by small, medium, and large enterprises. It also helps freelancers, non-profit organizations, and government institutions to facilitate crypto payments. The company’s support team helps merchants and business owners to integrate the solutions with their existing systems. 

If you want a crypto payment solution provider with cost-effective, scalable, and highly secure services, CoinsPaid is the best choice. With super fast API integration services and 24*7 support, CoinsPaid will ensure that your crypto payment system is always at its best.