Coinrule Review 2023:- Automated Crypto Trading Bot (Updated)

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The crypto exchanges have real traders and automated bots engaging in crypto trading activities all day long. Technology like artificial intelligence has helped many companies develop bots to replace users on crypto exchanges. 

 Many newbies and professional traders (individuals and companies) rely on these automated bots to reduce risk and increase profits. But what about traders who do not use such bots? 

Aren’t you at a disadvantage when compared to others? Wouldn’t it be nice to be assisted by technology to compete with bots made using the same technology? 

Founded in March 2018 by Gabriele Musella and Oleg Giberstein, Coinrule was started by a team of blockchain and crypto enthusiasts who wanted to simplify the trading process. They aimed to empower traders to fight back hedge funds and automated bots on the exchanges. 

Writing any codes or configuring bots is not required. Just create rules for trading and automate the process to protect your interests. Why get stuck in an unfortunate price drop or miss a potentially strong position? 

Use Coinrule to Write Trading Rules 

The platform has more than 150 pre-written rules to help with crypto trading. And if you don’t want to use any of them, you can go ahead and create your own (without coding). Yeah! 

It is a smart assistant that does as you bid and protects your investment as much as possible. Competing with automated bots written using powerful algorithms is possible when you use similar and even more powerful smart assistants to help you make the right trading decisions. 

How to Set the Rules


Coinrule uses the simple yet effective technique of ‘if this then that’ to set up rules so that there is no need to code. The rules will continuously run in the background (24*7) to manage your crypto portfolio and safeguard your investments. 

When you create an account on Coinrule and establish the rules, you can decide when and how you want to run them. Your dashboard has everything you need to control the rules and your accounts. Pause the rule if you want to manually handle the transactions and set it live whenever you want. 

Not just that, you can also see the performance of every rule you’re using. Are the rules bringing the results you want, or will you have to tweak them? After all, a rule is useful only if it makes the right decisions, isn’t it? 

Test the Rule Before You Implement 

There will always be a likelihood of creating a wrong rule that could result in losses. A professional might know how to write an effective rule but what if you are a beginner? How to ensure that the rules you set up align with your goals? 

You can test the rule’s performance on historical data. The website is user-friendly and convenient to check how things work even before you start using your account. Pick a strategy, set the initial amount and the length of investment, and test how good your strategy is. 

Once you are contented, you can add the rules to your account and integrate Coinrule with crypto exchanges where you have trading accounts. 

Coinrule Security

Security is a matter of high concern. The increase in crypto-jacking is scary. No one wants to be a victim of hacking, isn’t it? 

Coinrule has taken care of this aspect as well. The platform offers military-grade security and encryption to share information with crypto exchanges. There is no need to reveal your private key. You don’t need to provide any withdrawal rights to Coinrule. Your money is yours and will be in your account. 

The only thing Coinrule does is to send automated instructions to the integrated exchanges depending on the rules you set up. 

There is an option to avoid over-trading. This happens when the rule is triggered by every change in the market. You can create another rule to restrict automated trading. Or, you can increase the change in the percentage that will trigger the rule. 

Coinrule Supported Exchanges

Coinrule supports popular exchange platform that can be easily linked via API integration

  • Bitfinex
  • BitMex
  • Binance
  • Binance US
  • Bitmap
  • Bitpanda Pro
  • Bittrex
  • HitBTC
  • Poloniex
  • Coinbase Pro
  • Liquid
  • Kraken

Coinrule Pros and Cons


  • Easy integration with the most popular exchanges
  • User friendly interface
  • Best for Advanced Cryptocurrency Traders
  • Best Crpto Trading bot
  • 150 + Trading strategy templates
  • Great customer service


  • No option to trade via mobile app
  • No Backtesting

Who Can Use Coinrule

It doesn’t matter you are a beginner or a professional. The company lets you start with a free beginner account, set up two rules, link to one exchange, and trade in up to $3000/month. 

You can also choose from the following price plans-

→ Starter  (Free Forever)

  • 2 Live Rules
  • 2 Demo Rules
  • 7 Template Strategies
  • 1 Connected Exchange
  • Up to $3k Monthly Trade Volume

→ Hobbiyst ($29.99/month & $359 billed yearly)

  • 7 Live Rules
  • 7 Demo Rules
  • 40 Template Strategies
  • 2 Connected Exchanges
  • Up to $100k Monthly Trade Volume
  • Leverage Strategies
  • Live Telegram + Text Notifications
  • Free Access to Trader Community
  • Advanced Indicators and Operators

→ Trader ($59.99/month & $719 billed yearly)

  • 15 Live Rules
  • 15 Demo Rules
  • Unlimited Template Strategies
  • 3 Connected Exchanges
  • Up to $1M Monthly Trade Volume
  • Leverage Strategies
  • Live Telegram + Text Notifications
  • Free Access to Trader Community
  • One-to-one Training Sessions
  • Advanced Indicators and Operators

Pro ($449.99/month & 5399 billed yearly)

  • 50 Live Rules
  • 50 Demo Rules
  • Unlimited Template Strategies
  • Unlimited Exchanges
  • Up to $5M Monthly Trade Volume
  • Leverage Strategies
  • Live Telegram + Text Notifications
  • Free Access to Trader Community
  • One-to-one Training Sessions
  • Ultra-Fast Execution
  • Dedicated Server
  • Advanced Indicators and Operators
 The annual plan offers a discount of 25% on the above. 

Compare the coinrule pricing plans for more details

Final Conclusion 

Coinbase is working on adding new features such as trading-view signals and non-crypto assets to the platform. More indicators will also be added to make the rules even better and precise. Coinrule is of the best smart assistants for people who are new to the world of automated trading.