Coaching Loft Review 2023:- Coaching Management App For Coaches & Mentors (Updated)

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Are you a freelance coach? Do you own a coaching agency? Does your enterprise have internal coaching sessions? There are so many things you need to manage and track, right? It can be overwhelming despite having a proper system. Wouldn’t you like something more effective? Maybe a software or an app that lets you plan and schedule sessions, track the progress of coachees, manage your invoices and payments, have virtual one-to-one sessions with each one of them, and have full control over your coaching business would be suitable for you? 

Coaching Loft is an app developed for freelance coaches and coaching centers alike. With its multitude of features, you can easily streamline your backend operations and focus more on providing quality coaching classes to your clients. 

CoachingLoft – Free for Beginners 

The company provides free coaching software for those who have just started coaching or have only a couple of clients. This is not a trial version. Instead, you can continue to use the coaching software for free as long as you have only two clients. When you start taking more, you can upgrade to the next level. Isn’t that helpful for those who’ve just begun and cannot spend money on additional software? 

Features of Coaching Loft

  • A central dashboard to access all features 
  • Goal and objectives tracking 
  • Library- access to more than 500 related questions 
  • Automated session logging in (can be edited as well)
  • Sync appointment schedule with a calendar of your choice 
  • Internal messaging system 
  • Secure cloud storage 
  • Notepad for clients and each session
  • Email alerts (will be sent to the necessary clients)
  • Rating and feedback system for the coach and individual sessions
  • Coaching agreement management 
  • Managing coaching packages 
  • Automated invoicing based on details in the coaching agreements 

Coaching Loft For Freelancers 

As a professional coach, you would find it easier to use an all-in-one platform that provides you with a dashboard to track and monitor various details. From attracting new clients to managing the clients’ progress, the coaching management software lets you handle everything on a single platform. You can get ratings and reviews for your clients to assess their satisfaction. 

It doesn’t matter if you a career coach, life coach, business coach, executive coach, or any other mentor, tutor, etc. This app helps each of you to manage your clients, your business, and your accounts in the same place. 

Coaching Loft For Coaching Centers 

If you own a coaching center, you will need to monitor more than your clients. You have to track the coaches and the clients and make sure both are satisfied with the coaching center. Coaching Loft is a client management software for coaches and coaching centers to streamline business operations and increase returns. 

As a coaching center, you will have many coaches working with you. Add or remove them from the app based on your requirements. 

You can assign individual coaches to each client and re-allot them if and when necessary. You can monitor how the coaches and the clients are progressing in the sessions. 

Are you worried that your coaching center won’t get much popularity if you rely on another software? You can brand the app using your logo and color schemes. You can promote your coaching center through the app. 

Coaching Loft For Enterprises 

Enterprises sometimes have an internal coaching system. They hire coaches on payroll and also bring external coaches for short durations. Designing special sessions and coaching batches of employees is more or less a continuous process in these enterprises. The coaching platform app can help such large-scale systems as well. 

Coaching Loft lets the management create a comprehensive environment and platform where coaches and employees can have their sessions with ease. Even one-to-one virtual coaching sessions are possible through this software. 

  • Enterprises can add or remove internal and external coaches from the teams. 
  • Coaches can be assigned to employees and moved from one employee/ team to another. 
  • The progress of each coach, employee, and a session can be monitored and tracked. 
  • Use Whitelabel software of Coaching Loft and use your enterprise logo and color scheme. 

Coaching Loft Pricing 

The company offers four price plans to cater to different people. 

  • Free Plan

Total Clients/coaches -2, Storage Capacity – 50 MB, Base Functionality, Public Coach Profile,Calendar Synchronization: Google

  • Core- $20/month

Total Clients/coaches -10, Storage Capacity – 500 MB, Includes all features of Free plan, Appointment Scheduling Pages:-2, Inquiries and Contacts, Engagements, Coaching Packages, Legal & Finance, Rating & Feedback

  • Premium- $45/month

Total Clients/coaches -30, Storage Capacity – 1 GB, Includes all features of Core plan, Appointment Scheduling Pages:-5, Virtual Meeting Room

  • Master – $95/month

Total Clients/coaches -Unlimited , Enterprise Panel, Branding, Storage Capacity – 2GB, Base Functionality, Calendar Synchronization, Libraries, Products, Legal & Finance, Advanced Functionality, White label Branding

👉   You can opt for a 14-day free trial version for all packages except the free plan. 

Devices Supported

  • Android, iPhone/iPad, Web-based

Customer Support

  • Email, Live support, Training

Final Conclusion 

From coaching activities to account statistics, client feedback, and more, you won’t miss anything when you use Coaching Loft software. Each session has a notepad where you and your client (with a separate notepad) can make notes and review them later. Assign assessments to the clients and check how they are progressing. 

Have full control over your coaching business. Attract more clients and expand your coaching center. Become a successful and well-known coach in the industry.