Cling: Your All-In-One Communication Companion

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With everyone becoming familiar with digital tools for almost everything, it is fair to say that businesses, brands, institutions, and individuals seek digital tools that support better communication. They need tools that drive effective results, keep content organized, and help them communicate efficiently with their customers. 

A feasible communication tool with all-in-one features will prove to be a game-changing move. Cling comes as an answer to all of your communication problems! Cling is a multi-purpose communication tool that lets you organize, communicate, teach, and do so much more.

Achieve More with Cling

Cling is designed for people who want less complexity and more productivity. Cling eliminates the need for using extra tools for communicating by giving everything you need in one place. Cling has a pinboard-like structure where you can place your content, create notes, store images and files, search, and share content. 

Elements that Make Balancing Tasks Easy

You can utilize Cling according to your needs and do whatever you want with it. People for personal use can organize their routine digitally, businesses can create a smooth team network, and teachers can engage in interactive digital education. Cling is a simplified communication solution in which you need to be familiar with 3 essential elements: Home screen, Boards, and Cards.

Home: Cling is a digital pinboard that lets you place whatever you want. When you register/login to your Cling account, you’ll see a Home Screen, which has boards preplaced for your assistance to understand Cling. 

Boards: You will find Boards on the top left of your Home Screen. Upon selection, you’d see an option to create a new board and customize it with a suitable title, background, and colors. You can find the board menu even on the custom boards, which makes it easier to navigate back to the initial position. 

Cling Boards

You can maximize-minimize, create Boards and categorize them according to the theme of your content. Cling comes with a powerful search option that lets you search for any content created on your Board. Additionally, you can share the Board with other Cling users by using the share option. This option is available in the Board menu on all the Boards, except the home screen.

Cards: However, the Board you create is the canvas. The actual content gets displayed on Cards. You can create Cards within the Boards and then segment them accordingly. These Cards are optimized for specific types of content like Note, Link, and File. You can also hover over them to get editing tools, making the Cards a feasible work tool.

Reading everything about the tools and using them might seem like a complex task, but guess what; Cling’s systematic content management lets you organize everything in one place. You won’t miss out on your important document or links or notes; content can be easily accessed and arranged according to the given situation by creating bookmarks and saving links.

Get Productive with Cling

Cling offers everyone a set of interesting tools that suit their needs. Individuals can use Cling to track their digital routine by sharing, creating, saving, editing, and much more. While in offices, Cling acts as a crucial tool for planning, assigning, organizing tasks, tracking progress, and conducting effective communication to achieve the set goals. 

With Cling, everyone stays informed and integrated at all times. Your contents are available for everyone included in the team projects, which encourages an undisturbed working atmosphere. 

Similarly, educational institutes can benefit from Cling by creating an engaging digital learning experience. The clean interface of Cling leaves no space for clutter and keeps the correct information visible, which encourages equal participation from students, parents, teachers, and trainers. 

Remote workshops or seminars become interactive with Cling as it provides an integrated video chat function, screen sharing, and simultaneous working functionality to create an engaging environment. 

Added Benefits for Everyone 

Cling offers access to content, even without the internet, which proves itself as a worthy asset for businesses and educational institutes. Cling grants you a safe and ad-free communication platform that ensures protected data sharing without interruption. You can also avail seamless communication experience on Android and iOS apps to have these services on the go. 

Cling Pricing

Cling has 3 pricing models:- Free, Pro and Enterprise plan for individuals, large, small and medium enterprises.

  1. Free Plan:
  • 20 Boards
  • 1 GB storage
  • 2.000 notes, links, files and to-dos
  • Search, bookmark-import
  • Sharing
  • Video meetings (120 min.)
  • Browser plugin
  • Web, iOS und Android
  • 100% ad-free

2. Cling Pro (Starting £ 8 per month)

All Free features are includes +

  • 500 Boards
  • 25 GB storage
  • 100.000 notes, links, files and to-dos
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Video meetings
  • Advanced search
  • Sharing with permissions
  • Data Export
  • Priority support

3. Cling Enterprise (Custom Plan)

All features includes of Pro plan +

  • Number of boards as required
  • Number of cards as required
  • Storage as required
  • User management
  • Automated export
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Individual invoicing
  • Personal support
  • Custom Domains 

For more details on Cling Pricing, click here

Final Conclusion

Overall, Cling emerges as a promising app that bridges every communication gap and has a bright scope in present and future perspectives.