Buying an Instagram Account Safely – What you need to know

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Even with killer content, the road to amassing a large engaged following can feel like a long one. Amidst more brands gravitating to Instagram and it’s ever-changing algorithm it’s becoming more challenging to be seen and establish authority on the platform. With engagement down as of May it’s no question that as 2020 approaches, and beyond, you need to put out exponentially increased amounts of efforts and time to gain traction. Now Let us know about Buying an Instagram Account Safely.

Realistic persons know that like starting a business or in this case, Instagram account it generally takes years to grow. This has lead to the uprising of what we know today as the online Instagram account buying and selling space. Consisting of sellers of pregrown Instagram accounts and buyers looking to fast track their way toward establishing authority on the platform. Like acquiring a business, when done correctly this method of buying your way into Instagram success has proven to work. However, there are some disadvantages, it’s no question that a significant portion of this space can be quite shady.

With many unreliable websites floating around, forums and marketplaces filled with scammers accounts with fraudulent inflated followings and engagements, it can be challenging — especially for inexperienced first-time buyers to identify and not fall victim to at least one of the aforementioned schemes. In light of this let’s explore what you should do/ look for before you buy an Instagram account and what we believe to be one of the most comprehensive solutions to these problems.

What to do before/ look for when buying an Instagram account

It’s important to know that when done correctly, this does not equate to buying fake followers. This only potentially becomes the case when an account is purchased without having rigid background checks against the authenticity of its audience done.

  • Inspect the audience’s quality with Hypeauditor. At the time of writing this article, their audience reports are $30 per account. Their AI-based fraud detection system allows you to identify whether an account has purchased followers, likes and comments. Along with a suite of other in-depth analytics.
  • Ensure the account’s audience relates to your niche (industry) so future posts reach your target audience.
  • Write a contract. You should always seek professional counsel to assist with drawing up a formal sales agreement/ purchase authorization form for the transfer of online property like websites, domain names, Instagram accounts, etc. to legally protect yourself against fraud.
  • Unless you’re making your purchase from a trusted seller its best to stick with credit card or PayPal payments. Avoid PayPal friend and family payments (any seller requesting this payment option should immediately raise a red flag).
  • Find out beforehand when your credentials would be delivered once your payment has been made.
  • Once you’ve purchased the account, make sure to change the email, phone number and of course the password.
  • Avoid accounts with few posts relative to their follower count. Eg. an account with 50k followers but only five posts or a total of 9 posts all on the same day has most likely changed the type of content it used to post. Or has been filled with fake followers to give it the appearance of a pregrown account. Accounts of this size generally take years to grow or multiple months at best. The post dates on their content should reflect the same.

What we believe to be one of the most comprehensive solutions

Whether you’re seasoned to buying Instagram accounts or a first-time purchaser — if you don’t have paid access to the tools you should be using to analyze prospective account’s audience authenticity. Or you’re inexperienced with identifying the various scams within the space,Viral Instas includes in-depth audience authenticity analytics with each account. They also offer instant delivery and provide resources for you to maintain, grow and monetize your new account.

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Concluding Thoughts

Though there are a variety of places to find Instagram accounts for sale, with a lot of dishonesty around the space it’s best to exercise caution. Stick to the steps provided and use a reputable provider. Once you’ve purchased your account build a relationship with your followers by engaging with them and continue to be strategic and consistent with your content to maximize your results. So this is all about Buying an Instagram Account Safely.