BuddyX Review 2023:Best Social Network Theme for WordPress – Create your own Private Network (Updated)

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Building a website and building a public or private community website are two different things. The latter needs specific templates to allow users to sign in, interact with each other, and use the marketplace to pay for the products/ services. 

Whether it is an online educational platform or a gaming community, wouldn’t it be nice to have a well-developed website to boost your business? How do you create such a website without spending too much time or money?

BuddyX Theme is a free social networking theme for WordPress. Developed by Wbcom Designs, BuddyX makes it easy for designers to develop public or a private networking and eCommerce site.

Who Can Use BuddyX Theme?


BuddyX is a versatile theme that can be used to develop-

Online Courses: Integrate BuddyPress and BuddyBoss Platform with plugins like TutorLMS, LearnDash, etc., to create a free WordPress website for learning. Build an online learning community by selling and teaching courses. 

Employee Training: Building an LMS platform is now easy with BuddyX. Create training modules, games, quizzes, and more. Adding instructors and trainees is super easy and fast. 

Gaming Community: Buddyoss Platform and bbPress are used to create an online forum with separate channels of communication for different games. Plugin WooCommerce to monetize the platform. 

B2B Membership Platform: PMpro and BuddyX theme plug-ins let you create free or paid membership websites that businesses can use to interact with each other and build a network. It would be similar to LinkedIn.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace: Reminds us of Amazon, doesn’t it? You can create something similar by using plug-ins like WC Vendors and Dokan. Easily build a Social Marketplace with vendor profiles. 

Entertainment and Networking Community: Build a social media platform like Facebook using BuddyPress. Provide all features such as private messaging, groups, pages, connections, and so on. 

Checkout BuddyX Demos 

👉  What Makes BuddyX Popular?


Let’s look at some important features of BuddyX that make it so popular among various developers and brands in the market. 

  • Multiple Headers

The company realizes how important it is to make the first impression. The multiple header designs allow you to make your website more attractive, interactive, and user-friendly. The headers are available for the website and individual profiles. 

  • Layouts for Groups and Member Directories  Layouts for Groups and Member Directories 

BuddyXTheme provides clean and flexible layouts for member profiles, directories, and groups on the website. Whether you want to develop a social networking site or a B2B community platform, make it easy for members to find and interact with each other. 

  • Compatible with WordPress 5x  

BuddyX is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and the Gutenberg Editor. Customize the website as you want and take your brand to your target audience. 

  • BuddyPress Addons Support

BuddyX is compatible with all the major BuddyPress plugins and especially for Premium BuddyPress addons provided by Wbcom Designs teams. Addons like hashtags, poll, status, moderation and more. 

  • Compatible with WooCommerce  

Why not step ahead and create a marketplace for vendors? BuddyX can be integrated with WooCoomerce to allow sales and purchases through the website. Whether you want to sell courses, products, or services, it’s up to you. 

  • Platform

BuddyBoss brings the latest and advanced features to your website. The plug-in can make your site a lovely place for users to spend time. 

  • bbPress Forum Support  

BuddyX is compatible with bbPress that allows you to create a forum on the website where people can ask questions, get answers, and engage in discussions. 

  • GamiPress Support 

BuddyX can seamlessly work with the GamiPress plug-in to provide badges, points, roles, and rewards to members. It can be used in gaming websites, social learning sites, marketplaces, and more. 

  • Ready for RTL  

The websites designed using BuddyX can easily work with the right to left languages like Arabic, Persian, etc. You need to switch the stylesheet to RTL. 

  • Mobile Optimization  

Your website needs to be responsive, be it on the desktop, a smartphone, or a tablet. BuddyX websites can be optimized for mobile phones and can be displayed on major smartphones. Don’t lose mobile users anymore. The responsive web design makes your website device-friendly and loads faster on mobile phones. 

Buddyx Pricing

The company offers a flexible price plan to suit everyone’s needs-

Free Plan: Lifetime updates, no renewals, limited features, one-to-one support, and free site license. 

Single Site: $59 for single-site license, one-year updates, and 30% off on renewals. Pay $199 for lifetime usage and updates. 

Five Sites: $129 for the license of five websites, one-year updates, and 30% off on renewals. Pay $299 for lifetime usage and updates.  

Unlimited Sites: $399 (one-time payment) for lifetime usage and updates and licenses for unlimited sites. 

The company offers one-to-one support for all plans. 

Wbcom Designs Affiliate Program

Are you in love with Wbcom designs? Share with anyone and earn 20% commission on every sale. The affiliate program is free to join and no cap on commission means unlimited earnings.

Final Conclusion 

The company is constantly working on bettering the platform and providing integrations with countless third-party platforms and plug-ins. Use the pre-designed templates or customize the layout to build a community website that’s perfect for your business. 

Make your website mobile-friendly, fast, easy, and compatible with all browsers. BuddyX Theme is your one-stop solution to develop an attractive and user-friendly website. Download the free, one-step installer and start working on your website today. 

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