Bouncer – A Must-Have Email Verification tool for Businesses? 

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Bouncer is an email verification software that has been in the market since 2017. It’s a SaaS tool that specializes in securing frictionless communication between businesses and clients. Despite being very easy to use, Bouncer is exceptionally accurate at carrying out complex email verification tasks. The tool offers multiple integrations, and users can import mailing lists from multiple email marketing platforms like MailChimp, Woodpecker, Moosend, etc.

Bouncer currently provides approximately a thousand email verifications for just $2.5, making it one of the most affordable email-verifying tools in the market.

What is the Purpose of Bouncer?

Hundreds of billions of emails are sent every year. Emails are the primary communication tool for companies, be it for marketing purposes, information-sharing, or other practical tasks. SSPs (server service providers) create algorithms to filter unsolicited or SPAM emails.

Unfortunately, genuine business mails are affected by these SPAM-prevention algorithms. As a result, any smaller businesses fail to get their message out to target clients. Even worse, their email IDs and servers are blocked for sending ‘SPAM’ mails.

To stop being labeled ‘SPAM’ businesses must verify all the email addresses they send their message to. But, manually checking each ID on your mailing list is impossible (imaging verifying 50,000+ email IDs). Hence, it is impossible for these businesses to create email marketing campaigns. After spending hours generating high-quality email content, businesses fail to penetrate their recipients’ inboxes. That’s what happens when businesses send bulk mail to unverified lists.

Bouncer helps businesses by sanitizing their email addresses’ database. The SaaS tool Bouncer allows businesses to verify their bulk email lists.

How Does Bouncer Verify Emails?

Checking whether an email will ‘bounce’ or not is extremely difficult. To ensure that the emails don’t result in ‘hard bounces,’ Bouncer –

• Verifies the syntaxes of every email.

• Checks the Domain Name System (DNS) of every recipient in the mailing list.

• Verifies the Mail Exchanger Record (MX record) of every recipient.

• Launches a connection with each receiving server’s Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).

Bouncer’s AI-powered tools also negotiate with recipients’ SMTP servers to ensure all mails are delivered accurately.

Key Features of Bouncer

Cost-Effective Bulk Email VerificationThe tool verifies bulk mailing addresses at a super-fast rate. It has a 100% accuracy record with Gmail addresses. It also offers mail server validation, single mail verification, syntax checks, and domain checks. Hence, every message sent out by a business is guaranteed to be received by a genuine email account.

Integration –  Bouncer integrates with the most commonly used email marketing services like MailChimp, Moosend, Woodpecker, lemlist, Convertkit, sendinblue, Aweber, GetResponse, Klaviyo, ConstantContact.

Ease of Use – Signing-up and using Bouncer is very easy. The SaaS works on any modern browser.

Supported Formats – The email lists that need to be verified can be in .csv or .txt format. The ‘sanitized’ email lists are available in .csv format. Users can customize their downloads. For instance, they can choose to download only a particular set of emails (download invalid email addresses only).

Customer Support – Bouncer provides customized services for numerous clients. Businesses interested in customized services can contact Bouncer’s customer support team via email or live chat. To get instantly responsive customer support, users must log in to their official Bouncer account.

Turnaround Time and Accuracy – On average, Bouncer can verify 100,000 email addresses (email IDs from across the world) in just 1 hour. With most email providers, like Gmail, Bouncer maintains an accuracy rate close to 100%. It manages exceptionally to verify email addresses protected by Mimecast and Proofpoint. However, it has lower accuracy for some providers like Yahoo and AOL, which is the industry standard.

Other Features – The ‘Bounce Estimate’ tool is impressive. It allows businesses the chance to test the quality of their email list before officially verifying it. They can check the projected bounce rate to know what to expect from their email campaigns.


First 1000 Credits are completely free and you don’t need a credit card to start with. Credits in your account don’t have an expiry date.

Pay $0.0025 per verified email for 1,000 – 9,000 emails

Pay $0.0020 per verified email for 10,000 – 99,000 emails

Pay $0.0015 per verified email for 100,000 – 249,000 emails

Pay $0.0010 per verified email for  250,000 – 999,000 emails

Pay $0.00075 per verified email for 1000,000 – 2,499,000 emails

2,500,000 + Contact Bouncer Team on (


• One thousand free email verifications after signing up.

• The base charge of $2.50 per 1000 email verifications is one of the cheapest in the market.

• The free sampling feature allows businesses to preview the quality of their email lists before they spend money to verify each address on the list.

• Super-fast; takes less than hour to verify 100,000 email addresses.


• Limited integration.

• Performance with Yahoo, AOL, and other less-common email addresses is lower, however, it’s an industry standard.

Final Verdict

Bouncer is the perfect tool for businesses that engage in email marketing. The SaaS ensures the steadiness of the marketing messages sent to target customers and business partners by detecting non-existing email addresses or false IDs whenever they’re entered into the mailing list databases. The tool also maximizes outreach to target customers by separating low-quality email addresses from high-quality ones.

Overall, Bouncer is a result-oriented and cost-efficient tool that’s a must-have for companies that need to ensure their email content reaches actual customers.

Final Score – 9/10.